How Do I Remove HDD Tools – the Best Way to Remove HDD Tools Quickly!

By | January 14, 2018

What is HDD Tools?
HDD Tools is one more scam application to add to the large group of fake defragmenters. It can access system through downloads, email attachment downloads and by visiting social networking sites. It has its stage names like HDD Defragmenter, Ultra Defragger, Check Disk, Scan Disk and some more. It downloads and installs automatically in compromised system. After that it pretends to scan infected system and shows imaginary scanning result consist of system errors. It shows false information about hard drive and system registry. It promotes to purchase full version in order to correct the system errors. All reports and claims made by this program are false. It is recommended to be away from this scam and remove HDD Tools from your system as early as possible.This rogue anti-spyware program is dangerous application that appears in middle of November. You should avoid this program in order to safe your system and data. You should not follow any instructions provided by this program and remove it instantly after identifying. If you are an expert computer user and have deep knowledge on registry and DLL files then follow manual steps to remove HDD Tools. But before taking any steps, backup system program and files.

How to remove HDD Tools:
In order to remove the HDD Tools program from your system you should restart your computer in safe mode.
Now, delete registry entries made by this fake security program. In order to open windows registry files, click start followed by Run and then type ‘regedit’ in appropriate box.
Now, delete all files added by this threat. But before that open task manager, select HDD Tools and click on end process in order to stop all processes running by this application.
Now, scan system files with any updated Anti-virus application.

A highly recommended tool to remove HDD Tools is RegistryQuick which is available for free at Before you try other programs, give RegistryQuick a try! You will be surprised!You can get her work details on HDD Tools by visiting

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