Liquid Resveratrol

By | January 14, 2018

Is liquid resveratrol the most potent available? There seems to be some discrepancy out there as to what form is the best for the ingestion of resveratrol. I am here to tell you that this is a valid concern, and to be able to answer this question, one must first understand how the compound is absorbed by the body.

When resveratrol is taken orally, it will be metabolised first, then, it will enter the blood stream and the body at the cellular level. The question is, is resveratrol as effective in its metabolite form as it is in its pre-metabolised or ingested form? What has been discovered, and must be looked at when choosing which manufacturer to use as your supplier, is that there was little pure resveratrol left in the blood AFTER it had been metabolised, and it is unknown as to what effect the metabolite resveratrol has on the body.

Next, let’s look at liquid forms of the supplement. They still require that some of the compound be digested into metabolites (post-digested molecules) as most of the liquid will reach the stomach and go through the process. The difference between liquid and capsules is that some of the liquid will pass through the cell walls on the way down the digestive tract. So, by way of osmosis, more concentration will be available in a pre-metabolite form. This is all to say, that liquid resveratrol MAY be more effective than pills or capsules.

There is yet another option; the melt-away tablet. This may be the most effective delivery system for the powerful anti-oxidant-primarily due to the fact that it is not swallowed, but is left to “melt away” in the mouth and is absorbed by cheek cells.

Thus far, the “bio-availablity” of resveratrol seems to indicate that it is best if it is absorbed by the cells of the body as opposed to being metabolised by the body. So if you have a choice, it may be advisable to choose liquid resveratrol over capsules, and melt aways over liquid.

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