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By | January 14, 2018

Exterior paint color combinations have to be chosen very carefully and with a lot of care as they reflect our taste to the outside world. Hence, I would always recommend you that you choose the exterior color paint combinations by using your likes, colors and preferences. To choose appropriate paints, one has consider many different factors. The same guide lines are also applicable for interior paintings.List of Factors to be ConsideredWhile choosing the appropriate exterior paint color combination, one has keep the following guidelines in mind. Location of the house Building material that has been used in the construction Size and structure of the house Peripherals of the house like patios, decks, etc. Schemes and combinationsExterior Paint Color Combinations #1: Location of the HouseThe first and foremost factor that one must consider while selecting the exterior paint color combinations, is location of the house. By the term location, I mean the region where the house is situated and also the plot where the house is built. If the house is located in an urban region you could use neo-classical colors, and make the house look pretty modern. This would help it blend with the environment, and also tends to be very catchy. Exterior Paint Color Combinations #2: Building MaterialThe exterior color paint combinations have to be chosen on the basis of the material that has been used in the process of construction. The three primary construction materials can be wood, stone and bricks. Now while choosing the appropriate color combinations, one can choose colors that suit the schemes of the construction materials used. For example: in the houses that are made up of bricks, we can often spot that one side of the house has nice brick work of light red and the other side is plastered and painted with colors that correspond to that of the brick. In case of houses that are made up of wood, you need to choose the exterior paint color combinations that are resistant to weathering and also tend to protect the wood of the house.

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