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By | January 14, 2018

What happened last night? I thought long and hard as I wondered through my neighborhood park. The night was warm with all the stars glowing brightly with the many constellations in the sky. I walked on the smooth cement path taking in the sweet aroma of grass and flowers characterizing the coming of summer. I looked down to my dirty outfit, which happened to be the same one I wore the night before.

I remember going with a good acquaintance to a pub up the road from my house maybe a mile or two away. We shared a few pitchers and pints and then… nothing. I would have remembered driving home, I would think, as I chose to not drink heavily because of a few engagements to attend to today. Today… today, did I do anything today? Time seemed to stop and my sense of obligation seemed to be non-existent as I followed this park path in pure ecstasy of the world around me. I was walking blindly though the empty park gazing around as I suddenly spotted something distinct about fifty feet away. It was a bright object glowing in a luminescent aura. I instinctively approached this mystery. “Shouldn’t I be afraid?” I thought to myself as I came closer. There was something comforting about this object that drew me near. The glowing seemed to melt away as I approached to a figure that looked human.

“Uh …. Hello” I mustered out with a nervous effort. This man I was staring at seemed to be homeless from the ratty clothes he was wearing and the long unkempt hair matted against his face. He wore finely knitted sandals and was in a ratty robe that was reminiscent of his messy appearance. He smiled in a caring sort of way staring me straight in the eyes with a relaxed posture. “You have come to me why?” he said in a concerned matter with out ever losing his smile. “Well, um, I actually do not really know”. He came closer and stood about three feet away from me, which I didn’t seem to mind. “Do you know why you are here?”. I stood confused about why I actually was there which I failed to assess earlier. “I guess I needed a walk”. “You don’t seem to have an understanding of your state of being,” he said curiously. Now I was really confused on what was going on. The day behind me was all a blur and last night seemed to end very abruptly. “Who are you? I don’t really know what is going on?. This is all I could think to say as I was really out of my element with motive and time. This man turned curiously to gaze up the hill behind him. I looked to see a bright flickering light over the horizon. He smiled at me once again in a passionate way and ushered me to follow him up this hill. I obeyed and followed him.

Many thoughts were rushing through my mind concerning this man in which I met and my real feelings about what were going on around me. We reached the top of the hill at last to a sight that changed my life forever.

The sight was a car crash between a large semi-truck and … and … a very familiar automobile. At this moment I was comforted by this mans presence as I realized that I was dead. It was the same night that it had been for what seemed like twelve hours. I watched the fire burn in wavy sight of disbelief. I turned to this man and he turned to me. We stared at each other in completely opposite states of mind it seemed. His warm hand touched my shoulder and he muttered a short statement to me.

I woke up in white environment moments later that slowly came into focus. I saw two concerned nurses staring down at me and my closest family members. My parents rushed to hug me as I felt deep pain all over my body as I was moved abruptly from my position. “He has second degree burns, he will need to stay a while…. It is a miracle he came though”. I listened to these words in a realization that dreams happen for a reason.

“You will come when you are ready” are the words that will stay with me forever.

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