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By | January 16, 2018

Not all bus stops have bus shelters; and those that don’t have are often not very pleasant to wait for long for a bus. Smaller bus stops or stops that have fewer commuters most often don’t have a bus shelter. You might have a bench, if you’re lucky, but don’t count on a bus shelter unless you take a bus from an area that is in frequent use by other passengers. And sometimes waiting at such a bus stop without a bus shelter can be painful.

In simple terms, an enclosed waiting area located near a bus station or stop is a bus shelter. It can feature great range in design, and functions. From the simplest bus shelters that feature just a bench with a small shed to much larger one, may be built out of various materials, and may have multiple benches. Plexiglas is a common choice since you can see through it to see when your bus arrives.

Major transfer stations have mainly larger bus shelters. Generally major bus stops are those where a lot of commuters wait to change buses or board a bus. Or they are the central point where people change buses for variety of bus routes. Bus shelters can be helpful, when they’re well maintained, in guarding against inclement weather.

There are many companies that specialize in designing bus shelters, and one the known names is Garrick Shelters. They are the leading manufacturer for Bus Shelters, Cycle Shelters, Pram Shelters, Covered Walkways and Canopies, designing and installing all over the UK and Europe.

Design, area, importance of the bus stop and cost all play factors in authorities deciding what a bus shelter will look like. Consideration as to the weather in the area and the number of regular passengers may help determine just how many bus shelters should be erected.

Maintaining a bus shelter is important, and a lot depends on the city’s citizens. An unfortunate sign of modernization is the frequent deterioration of public property. In larger cites, graffiti is fairly common on shelter walls, and you should always look before you sit on a bench to avoid sitting on gum!

Even though most bus shelters feature trash cans so that waiting passengers won’t litter, but these then require maintenance in order to keep the shelter in good repair. If a city has a lot of shelters, it may not always be able to keep up with property damage, and older shelters in large cities can look and smell very unclean unfortunately.

A properly maintained bus shelter and make the city also attractive to passengers. It also may increase willingness of people wanting to take the bus, thus making them more environmentally friendly. This can be a bonus to a city, since bus passengers reduce traffic congestion and pollution. A well-planned transport system with convenient and clean bus shelters can be an excellent thing for any city.

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