Glow Sticks Mean Variety

By | January 16, 2018

Glow sticks are basically a translucent plastic which contains two different chemicals in two different containers and when combined, they glow due to chemical reaction. The sticks require no electrical connection but are of one time use only. They have their uses in various places like parties and military application and becoming quite popular and though made of plastic, are quite easily disposable. They are made of various chemiluminescent materials, a number of patents are present for glow sticks most of which are owned by American navy.

They give off light when the two chemicals are mixed together. The stocks are made of made fragile container contained within a flexible outer container. Bending the outer, flexible container breaks the inner fragile on and the two chemicals are mixed together and the glow sticks start to glow. Since the process entirely depends on chemical reaction so it has to abide by the rules of the chemical reactions like more heat will speed up and less will slower down the reactions again. So, as one would expect, keeping them in a freezer makes them dim and putting them on microwave oven makes them glow more brightly but in turn, shortens their life.

Glow sticks find their uses in various applications as they are waterproof and require no electric batteries and dont generate any heat, are quite inexpensive and easily disposable, can suppress high pressure which are often found whiling diving underwater. Military forces, recreational divers, campers, night divers, geologists use glow sticks frequently. They are treated as the only safe light sources after natural disasters. They are also used in fishing for luring them and a special kind that radiates infrared rays are used in night visions and different law enforcing agencies uses them for various purposes. Speculoscopy is also done by them in medical treatments.

They are also used in dancing for glow sticking; this dance is very popular in rave parties, dance clubs and concerts. Bands use them while marching at night time and in Hong Kong, they are used during mid autumn festivals and Icelanders use them during new-year eve party. They are also used in Halloween parties to show special trick to the children.

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Product Description
53" Eclipse Jet Flo Hockey Stick features patented Jet Flo Blade. 2 Piece design with 2 screws for a secure fit.

Price: $20.06
  • 53" Solid Wood Shaft
  • Patented Jet Flo Blade
  • Two piece design with 2 screws for a secure fit.
  • Replaceable jet flo blade
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