How Electronic Signature Help Increase Customer Satisfaction

By | January 16, 2018

Companies invest good money in products and services that they believe can help them provide more for their own customers. One of the most popular products these days that have really helped many companies improve the level of customer satisfaction they provide for their customers is the electronic digital signature. Esignatures, as some call them, are digital means for companies and individuals to handle document signing. This has allowed many different businesses to be able to handle a lot of document processes electronically, letting go of the need for paper and other products necessary to make physical documents.

The use of an electronic digital signature for electronic contract and document signing is protected by the law. The ESIGN Act and the UETA are two laws that were passed to regulate the use of esignatures in legal documentation. The passing of both laws also enabled the use of electronic signatures in many official contracts and other documents created electronically. This prompted many software and application developers to start creating a number of new products that can support the use of electronic signatures to make the most of all the conveniences and advantages that they provide. Many software vendors and service providers include the use of esignatures in their systems, providing a number of different benefits that improve the experience of customers.

Companies can definitely raise the level of customer satisfaction with the use of electronic digital signature software. There are a variety of different areas within each transaction where esignatures can provide convenience and flexibility for customers to feel a lot more satisfied with the service that they pay for. Customer satisfaction is very important among all businesses, since they increase the chances of having recurring customers paying for their products and services. Esignatures contribute to the possibility of having this happen to many businesses worldwide.

One of the key areas where electronic signatures can contribute to customer satisfaction is during the initial ordering of products and services. The purchase order can now be verified and authorized using esignatures, which provide a huge convenience to many customers. Some products and services, especially ones involving large properties and larger fees, will normally require customer approval with physical signatures affixed on a particular document. Nowadays, instead of shipping documents and contracts or having client meetings just to have documents signed, everyone involved in a transaction can simply sign using an electronic digital signature straight from their computers.

Electronic signatures are also great for certain elements of projects that require customer approval. There are some projects that take some time to accomplish, where clients sometimes need to collaborate with their vendors and service providers. For such projects, a need to have certain actions approved may arise from time to time. This can actually take a lot of time in the project, as signatures will be required almost all the time, requiring the client’s presence. Electronic signatures fix this problem and help customers feel more relaxed and at ease.

Many other areas can be affected positively and made simpler with esignatures. Companies that make use of them have already seen how effective they are at making customers feel more satisfied with their service, so there’s no reason for any other company to miss out on the advantages of electronic digital signature software.

About the Author

Alfred Siliano is an entrepreneur who knows about e signature software. When you e-sign your documents, you can expect faster, more secure business transactions.

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