Reviewing the Pro-Bind 1000 Hardcover Yearbook Binding Kit

By | January 16, 2018

School will be back in session soon so it’s time for all you teachers and administrators to start thinking about what supplies they’ll need for the next year. One product that’s definitely worth consideration is the Pro-Bind 1000 Hardcover Yearbook Binding Kit from Here’s a look at its strengths and weaknesses. Check them out.


This kit comes with just about everything you need to create your own hardcover yearbooks. Here is what’s included:
The Pro-Bind 1000 thermal binding machine, a device that warms up in just 3 minutes and offers one-touch operation. This machine can handle binding spines that are up to 3/4″ wide, the perfect size for a number of different types of documents.
The Pro-Bind crimper. This device will help you finish off your documents. After your books have been bound, just stick them one at a time into the crimper to secure the binding and straighten the spine. (Note: both the Pro-Bind 1000 machine and crimper have one-year warranties.)
Fifty hardcover binding spines. These spines are available in three different thicknesses (1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″) and four finishes (black, white, navy and maroon kidskin). These binding supplies are designed for 8.5″ x 11″ paper and can be foil-stamped for an additional fee. If you need more than 50, you can definitely order some.

This package makes it possible for you to design your own customized yearbook in every way. You can use software programs like Photoshop and Quark to give your books the look you want.
Using a kit such as this makes it possible to get students involved in a variety of ways: graphic design (including page layout), photography, writing, and so on. It’s a great way to get students involved in something positive that will look great on their college applications.
This package is reasonably priced and can be yours for less than $ 1,000.00. In a time of budget cuts and other financial disasters, a product like this can help you save money while still enabling you to create yearbooks that students will treasure for years to come. In fact, if you sent your yearbooks out to be printed, you would be paying about $ 60.00 to $ 100.00 per book. If you use the items in this kit, you can create a yearbook for about $ 15.00 a piece. Those savings are significant.


Since this package doesn’t come with design software, you’re going to need to have your own on-hand. This could be a bit pricey if you don’t already have some. (Nonetheless, investing in this type of software is still cheaper than outsourcing the production of your yearbooks.)
The Pro-Bind 1000 can only bind one document at a time, thus this package is better suited for smaller schools (i.e. those with 350 students or less). However, it only takes one minute to bind a document, so you’ll be able to bind a few hundred in a few hours.

Overall,’s Yearbook Binding Kit has a lot to offer, especially smaller schools that are looking to save money on yearbook production. This package contains everything you need to begin working on your school’s yearbook including the Pro-Bind 1000 thermal binding machine and a box of binding supplies. Using this kit will give you complete control over the entire process and you can even get students involved. Plus, this package will help you save a lot of money, even if you need to purchase photo editing and/or design software. To start creating your own yearbooks, pick up the Pro-Bind 1000 Hardcover Yearbook Binding Kit today.

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Product Description
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