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By | January 16, 2018

Do you want to find the perfect toy for your child? Then perhaps you should consider the many benefits and advantages that ride on toy cars bring to kids of all ages.

The tiniest tots can enjoy a ride on one of these toys and bigger kids can also use them. In the eyes of most children anything that has wheels is going to be fun and when they are the ones that can be in the driver’s seat the excitement is amplified.

Rideon toys have been in existence for a number of years and there is good reason for their continued popularity. These are toys that allow kids to use their imagination, they are affordable and these types of toys are definitely child-friendly.

Young children always want to imitate the behaviors of adults. They are natural mimics and this is why they like to dress up in oversized clothing, play house and pretend to be firemen, policemen and astronauts. Kids will imitate cooking and cleaning because they feel as though these activities help them become more “grown up”.

One of the adult behaviors that kids love to imitate is driving and what better way to do this than with one of the many ride on toy cars that are available. When you give a set of wheels of any size to children you can watch their faces light up with delight at the thought that they are going to become a driver instead of just a passenger.

Scooters, pedal cars and battery operated vehicles for kids are just a few of the many different rideon toys that are available. These are toys that help them develop their minds, challenge their imaginations and let them enjoy a first taste of independence. No longer do they need someone to pull them in a wagon because their new rideon toy cars are ready to take them almost anywhere they want to go.

With ride on toy cars you are also providing your child with an activity that will help them develop new skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. These rideon toys also give children a chance to work on their balance and basic movement skills.

You can even help foster these newly acquired skills by creating obstacle courses and driving tracks. Then your kids will have a safe environment on which they can use their rideon toy cars. There are even helmets, jackets and child size gloves that you can purchase to intensify the driving experience for your kids.

No matter which type of ride on toy cars you choose for your child you can be certain that it will be a learning experience as much as a fun playtime activity. These toys often become cherished objects that kids want to keep forever and pass along to their own children in the years to come.

We at My Ride on Cars recognize that these ride on toy cars will be loved by children for years – and so all of the licensed cars are built to last

Product Description
Our Building blocks car is not only a funny toy but also a an educational toy for kids 6-year-old and up!
This 60 in 1 car set is easy to take apart and put back together with the entire 401 pcs .
And you can change the different modes between the Race Car , Buggy and many many more models and Control it with Remote Control
Fun and Creative Toy That Your Kids Will Love! Studies show that children's imaginative abilities are most effectively employed when they're given freedom during gaming time.
Perfect combination of building blocks and car , much of creative and suitable for children to develop practical abilities. It is operated by internal mechanism.
Contains 401 pcs bricks. Easy to play according to the detailed illustrated instructions steps by steps. can be changed by making small adjustments when operation is not appropriate.

Package Included:
401 Blocks pieces,
detailed illustrated manual
Remote Control , use 3 AA battery ( not included )
Rechargable Battery 4.8V AA NI-CD battery

Price: $29.95
  • Remote Controlled Build It Yourself Toys , a creative 60 in 1 building blocks toy recommended for all kids ages 6+
  • 60 models in 1 set , Race car, Buggy and much more
  • Principle of Mechanics make this building set an intellectual and educational toy for kids
  • Non-toxic and Environmental ABS elements make it safe for kids to play
  • This building blocks set has 401 pcs, and includes a detailed manual

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