Sculpture park in Parikkala

By | January 16, 2018

The sculpture park in Parikkala was founded by a Finnis artist Veijo Ronkkonen. Born in 1944, Veijo has built this garden secretly on a remote farm in Parikkala in the eastern Finland. Away one km from the Russian frontier, the park is inhabited by 500 human statues carved from concrete. Besides, this sculpture park is characterized by a variety of flora and fauna, paths as well as benches for visitors. Most of the statues are fitted with loudspeakers inside, and the sound effects create the eeriness of the park. Veijor told that each statue was arranged in different themes to show changes in his own life. Especially, sculptures are placed in appropriate locations to make room for blooming flowers. Therefore, flourishing flowers help to reduce creepiness of the static stones.


Veijo Ronkkonen used to work as a worker in a paper mill. He completed his first art of work in 1961. Interested in yoga and philosophy, Veijo has made self portraits in Yoga gestures. Although he had the chances to exhibit and sell this artworks in auction, he refused those offers.


The park is now home to over 500 human statues carved from concrete


Nearly 200 statues are performing in various yoga gestures


The sculpture park of Veijo Ronkkonen is located in the Parikkala jungle


The statues have loudspeakers hidden inside them, which adds to the eeriness of this place


It is remarked that the entire park is like a representation of a character with all possible suspicious and inconsistent moods


Veijo Ronkkonen’s art works reflect his own life journey


Sculptures are made with a room for blooming flowers


The entry to this sculpture park is free


Remember to sign the logbook of the artist before you leave



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