Stop Joint Pains In Your Favourite Pet Using Cosequin

By | January 16, 2018

No matter how much we feed and care for our pets, they are all susceptible to several ailments as they age. One of the most common ailments is joint pain or arthritis. To aid in reducing the discomfort or pain caused by malfunction in the joints, medication under the name Cosequin is administered to the pets. Despite how much active your pet is it is still bound to encounter joint pains. However, joint pain can be eased thanks to Cosequin supplements and proper care. Many veterinary experts agree that Cosequin contains all the necessary building blocks for good animal joint health.
Cosequin cats is a nutritional supplement for cats that is available without a prescription from the veterinary doctor. Arthritis in cats manifests itself as a result of damaged cartilage in the cats joints. To address the cartilage issue you need to provide supplements to help your cats body to regenerate the damaged cartilage efficiently. Cosequin cats can effectively address this situation as it contains the following components: ascorbate, manganese, sodium chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine hydrochloride among other essential glycosaminoglcans. The presence of chondoroitin in the formulation is an added plus as it profusely fights all the enzymes that are responsible for the destruction of the cartilage.
It must however be noted that Cosequin cats is not an arthritis cure. This product is only used to decelerate the progress of arthritis in cats thus giving the cat relief from pain and also foster improved motion. Mild diarrhoea is the most known side effect of Cosequin cats but which subsides as the cat gets used to its medication. Cosequin cats is available in capsule form.
As with other animals horses suffer from arthritis but the pain horses face may be more severe especially for racing horses. For horses, Cosequin equine has been the number one product for reducing the effects of arthritis. Cosequin equine contains almost all of the components that Cosequin cats has but in revised dosages; as such Cosequin cats cannot be used to ease arthritis effects in horses.
Cosequin equine has been available for quite a long while now and continued research has been going on to optimize this product. The results of the research have yielded two new formulations of Cosequin equine. We now have Cosequin Optimized and Cosequin Optimized with MSM. Horses that are often engaged in intense activity and consequently exposed to high levels of stress will benefit from the higher levels of glucosamine in these two products.
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