This is Why Blu-ray Will Eventually Win the DVD Format War

By | January 16, 2018

The time of conventional DVD has long come to an end. With the ever increasing demand of more capacity and with the movies now being released in high definition format, something new was required to store all this in. Toshiba and NEC came up with a solution; the HD DVD. HD DVD was released way before the Blu-ray and was being used everywhere in the world but Sony, as usual, had to go and make something completely different than what everyone was using. Sony has a history of doing this like developing the Beta-Max video tape when the whole world was using VHS and Memory Stick flash memory when everyone else was using SD memory cards. Similarly Blu-ray was developed by Sony and they had to make it completely incompatible with the HD DVD format.

All this has accomplished is to make the life of consumers more difficult. Now buyers have to choose between HD DVD or Blu-ray since both of them are completely incompatible with each other. Furthermore there are titles, in the gaming as well as the movie industry, that are going to be exclusive to either Blu-ray or HD DVD.

Before I get to my main point of who will eventually win this so called format war, lets first compare the two formats. Blu-ray is basically the same as any conventional DVD but the data on it is very tightly packed together. They made this possible by using a more precise and accurate laser. They used a blue-violet laser beam instead of the typical red beam used in DVD and CD formats. This allows Blu-ray dvds to hold massive amounts of data. Blu-ray can store 5 to 10 times more data than a conventional DVD. On a single layer disc they can hold 25GB of data and on a dual layer disc the capacity doubles to 50GB.

HD DVD, developed by Toshiba and NEC uses the same data storage technology as the Blu-ray. But it is not capable of holding as much data as the Blu-ray. The maximum amount of data that HD DVD can store is 30 GB. Though this is much lower than Blu-ray’s 50GB it is still more than enough for movies in high definition.

It can easily be seen that with the way technology is going one thing that we need more of is capacity. Softwares and games that used to come in a single CD or DVD are now being packages as 2 DVD or 3 DVD packs. And with the ever increasing bandwidth available to us people are downloading more and more stuff from the internet. So its clear that the format providing the most capacity will be the one to win the format war. Although the 30GB of HD DVD may seem sufficient now but in a couple of years it will become obsolete just like the DVD.

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