What Is The Function Of Plastic Surgery?

By | January 16, 2018

What initially comes to mind when you think of plastic surgery? Beverly Hills? Models? Famous actors? Boob implants? Face Lifts? It seems plastic surgery owes its acclaim to these types of things. It does not really have anything to do with plastic. This type of specialized surgery involves reforming or reshaping parts of the body. The roots of these kinds of cosmetic surgical procedures can be traced back thousands of years ago to various ancient civilizations. Surgeries were mostly reconstructive in nature, but as technology and anesthesia were developed these surgeries incorporated many more cosmetic procedures. Many people around us have had some form of plastic surgery performed. This type of surgery can be divided into two categories: surgeries performed to reconstruct and cosmetic surgeries performed to enhance beauty.

Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is designed to repair problems brought on by burns, facial bone fractures, cleft palates, infections and so forth. This type of surgery focuses on restoring function, but also attempts to restore a more normal appearance. This can be anything from scar and laceration correction to tumor removal. There are procedures designed to benefit patients with severe burn injuries. Oftentimes surgeons will use extra skin found on other parts of the body and graft it into damaged areas. This results in a natural look. Reconstructive surgeries are a great blessing of modern day practices and technology. Car accident victims, soldiers wounded in battle, and children born with abnormalities are only a few examples of people that benefit from such procedures. Unlike Humpty Dumpty and his great fall, we can rest happy knowing that we can be put back together again.

Cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing the appearance and beauty of an individual. This is the more famous type of surgery. People who are unsatisfied with their bodies in almost any way can have doctors change them. Do you not like your nose? Then get a new one. Do you want larger breasts? They can do that too. Are your breasts too big? Have them brought down a notch. Do you want a firm stomach? Surgeons can craft you a firmer belly. Face Lift? Butt augmentation? Liposuction? You name it. These surgeries are glamorized because they essentially turn humans into Barbie Dolls. This says a lot about our society. In the year 2007 alone, more than twelve million Americans had cosmetic surgery. People want to look beautiful and sexy, thus that number only increases every year.

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