What Food Is Called The Blood Vessels Of The Scavenger In China?

By | January 17, 2018

Metabolic processes in our body, will produce some harmful substances. The body of the garbage if not removed, will continue to make long-term decline in body functions, resulting in disease and aging, early arrival. In our lives, washing hands dirty will be used to wash his face is dirty we will rub with a towel, that the human body how should clear the rubbish it?
1.Fresh fruit, fresh vegetable juice. Fresh fruit or vegetable juice can help rid their bodies of waste, toxins, known as the body’s “cleaner.” It also has a role in regulating acid-base balance of blood, body fluids alkaline, acidic and in a lot of toxic substances in their body.
2.Kelp,Kelp contains resin and allows the body’s ability to enhance the excretion of radioactive material, allowing the accumulation of radioactive substances in the body is greatly reduced, reducing their damage to human cells and prevent various diseases and cancer.
3 Bean soupbean soup with detoxification and promote detoxification of the body effect, can effectively maintain the normal operation of the body.
4.Pig’s blood soup containing pig blood plasma protein, digestion and absorption by the body, can be transformed into a clean digestive tract and removal of toxic heavy metals in particulate matter, so the body can easily excreted waste, reduce toxic substances on cells and liver damage.
5.Back fungus, black fungus with a lipid-lowering, detoxification, the effectiveness of inhibiting growth of cancer cells. Conducive to discharge pent-up in the body of toxic substances and wastes.
6.Seaweed, seaweed foods such as kelp, seaweed, etc., alkaline, and its collagen can promote the body of radioactive material excreted along with feces, and can effectively prevent high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.
7.Onion with prostaglandin A, a relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure functions; also with diallyl disulfide compounds and a small amount of sulfur amino acids, in addition to lowering blood pressure, but also the prevention of atherosclerosis.
8.Corn is rich in calcium,phosphorus ,selenium and lecithin,vitamin E, etc., have lower serum cholesterol.

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