Whether Teleseminar Scripts Are Helpful Or Not

By | January 20, 2018

For online business owners, teleseminar scripts are something controversial. Some swear by them, some think to use it much in a robotic meeting. The fact is that sometime the scripts are useful, sometime not. Remember that a script and an outline are really different. An outline keeps your speech on track, while a script is a designated set of words that you have to cover. Think about some following points before deciding to use a script.



Knowledge – If you are an expert in the topic you will be covering in your seminar, a script may or may not be necessary. If you have a vast understanding of the information you are covering, you should be able to talk in depth about the subject matter without a script. The best thing to use, if needed in this situation, is an outline. An outline will keep you on track without giving your teleseminar the brick layer finish. The outline will allow you some wiggle room while still giving you the ability to display your knowledge in the field.


Personality – If you are not a people person and do not feel comfortable speaking publicly, then a teleseminar script might be useful. The script, in this case, will allow you to pick the exact words you want to use in order to get your message across and also make sure you stick within your timeline. In this case, if you do choose to use a script, it is important to be able to interject some sense of personality into the words, otherwise you will be the monotone college professor who drones on and has people falling asleep in his class. Use the script to your advantage and be careful not to spend too much time in the question and answer section of the teleseminar since there is no set script for that.


Timing – If you have a set amount of time with no room for overage, then a script might be a wise choice. Where as an outline will only keep you on track, a script will help guide you through word by word. If you are generally a slow speaker, or a fast speaker, having your words already laid out might help you with either speeding up or slowing down to a level that is manageable by your audience. If timing is not an issue or was not set from the beginning, then an outline would probably be good enough.


Whether you decide to use a script or not, the biggest thing is to make the teleseminar personal. Make it a reflection of you and show how your product stands out from the rest on the market. By paying attention to that one detail, your script may not even be noticeable. If you are still having a difficult time trying to decide whether or not to use a script, try one out and see how it works with a small test group and then make your decision. After all, it is your product, you decide how you feel comfortable presenting it.


Raj Bedi

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