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By | February 12, 2018

TV’s display environment is a commonplace problem. Only slightly more attention in everyday life a little on it.

Temperature requirements Away from direct sunlight, heat
To LCD TV, for example, you should know that LCD’s work there is a certain temperature range. Products for the Chinese market is usually working temperature range of 0 to 45 within a normal, depending on the specific brand model will be slightly different. Therefore, the normal home users to watch television must ensure that the indoor temperature is in the operating temperature range, otherwise there are likely to change color color cast problems.

Need to be reminded that some brought in from abroad, television, immigration phenomenon will occur in the dessert. This may be because the operating temperature causes, such as the Nordic market and African market, the same models, taking into account local temperature conditions, the process of LCD panel production ratio in the composition will be different. Moreover, different regions of the human eye is also the case of color to receive differentiated. Therefore, the temperature will also affect the working status of LCD TVs. For domestic ordinary home user, do not let the winter the indoor temperature is too low indoor temperature in summer and do not be too high, pay attention to ventilation, to avoid direct sunlight and on television, usually do not let high temperature heat sources such as electric heaters too close to the TV on it .

Humidity requirements Moisture affect the useful life of plant
As household appliances, whether old or current flat-panel TVs TV, are not long in wet conditions. Many are not flat-panel televisions with waterproof protection, the internal circuit board cooling grid will be directly exposed to the air with the outside world. Some friends like to watch TV next to the display of flowers or potted plants for decoration, moisture does not know that these plants will bring a serious impact on the use of electrical safety and service life. In particular, some friends in the maintenance of plants are not removed when you used to spray directly, this way more easily within the water vapor into the TV, TV shortened life expectancy is not that the use of personal safety during the most critical issue.

, Of course, room not too wet nor too dry, because the environment is too dry and prone to dust accumulation of static electricity can not be released, and the results will affect the normal use of light to the television.

We to LCD TV as an example. As the liquid crystal does not depend on self-luminous, so screen brightness and CRT TVs and plasma TVs have inherent deficiencies in comparison, in the light environment may appear dim screen image without color. So when the day watching the LCD TV screen do not block the windows for free in order to avoid outdoor light effects.

Dust requirements Sand away from the window, placed seasonal
Dust deserve attention. As long as there is space there will be dust, human activities will bring more dust floating in the air. The accumulation of dust will affect the electrical circuit cooling ventilation and the normal work of static electricity is more likely to seriously damage the internal electrical components and cause an accident. I contacted many flat-panel TV products, found that most products are not currently very good dust control measures, through the casing of the radiator grille can clearly see the internal circuit board is exposed, the body does not take any filter dust sphere. A long time, the accumulation of dust is inevitable. Then, the user can do is try to keep the space clean and clean and the room has too much dust. Blowing sand as the weather in northern China regions will appear in the sandstorm season should pay attention to close all doors and windows, television, etc. do not display in the window next to where the dust easier to absorb.

Also some users using improper dust control measures will also affect the use of television. For example, off the TV when the TV covered with a cover cloth, trying to stop dust entering the body inside, in fact this was not a science. Because the fabric, especially synthetic fabrics are inherently static electricity, coupled with the accumulation of fabric in the fiber structure will hide dust, but dust into the body more easily. If a shutdown immediately covered with drop cloths, and even make television not timely and effective heat dissipation, damaging internal components.

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