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By | February 12, 2018

So you want to get a new digital home theater receiver, and that may be all well and good, but if you are not sure which you want to purchase and you need to get a bit of help, then one of the best things that you are going to be able to do is read a home theater receiver review. A home theater receiver review is going to help you out more than you realize.

For one thing when you read a home theater receiver review, you are going to be able to see what the different brands and models are of home theater receiver that are available and which seem to be the most popular. It is very helpful to read what past consumers have to say about the different home theater receivers that are out there, because then you can get a much better idea on which is going to be right for you.

Looking for home theater receiver reviews? Well online you can find all the different reviews on these or any other electronic devices that you want, and this is probably the fastest way to go about it. But don’t forget that you can also talk to your friends and family, people you know personally who have bought a home theater receiver and from which you will be able to get a great home theater receiver review.

Other Helpful Tips

Reading a home theater receiver review or two is certainly going to be assisting to anyone who is planning to go out and buy a new home theater receiver, but there are other tips that are also going to be very helpful and which are going to ensure that they end up making the right decision here and that they find the home theater receiver that is going to be best for you.

Checking for an auto-setup feature is one thing that you may want to do. While this is certainly not necessary, you should know that there are many different home theater receivers available today that come with this feature and this is just going to make things ten times easier on yourself.

This way you are not going to have to worry about dealing with the sophisticated set up of the receiver and know that it will be simple to set up and you can do it all on your own. Also check for the warranty that you are going to be getting with purchase of the item.

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Product Description
Enjoy optimal audio quality from anywhere in the room with the SANUS WSWM adjustable wall mount, designed especially for the Sonos ONE, PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 as well as other wireless speakers weighing up to 10 lbs. Installing to drywall, wood studs or concrete in only 15 minutes and boasting effortless tilt and swivel capability, the placement flexibility of the WSWM makes it versatile enough for any system setup and for voice integration technology like that of the new Sonos ONE. Wary of mounting your new Sonos ONE to the wall? Rest assured that your speaker will stay safe and in-place thanks to exclusive InvisigripTM technology: Two ultra-thin, virtually invisible wires wrapping around the top and bottom of your speaker to keep it snugly in place. 

Enjoy optimal audio quality from anywhere in the room with the SANUS WSWM adjustable wall mount, designed especially for the Sonos ONE, PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 as well as other wireless speakers weighing up to 10 lbs. Installing to drywall, wood studs or concrete in only 15 minutes and boasting effortless tilt and swivel capability, the placement flexibility of the WSWM makes it versatile enough for any system setup and for voice integration technology like that of the new Sonos ONE. Wary of mounting your new Sonos ONE to the wall? Rest assured that your speaker will stay safe and in-place thanks to exclusive InvisiGripTM technology: Two ultra-thin yet ultra-strong, virtually invisible wires wrapping around the top and bottom of your speaker to keep it snugly in place.

Wireless Speaker Compatibility List:

  • Sonos One (right-side up and upside down)
  • Sonos PLAY:1 (right-side up and upside Down)
  • Sonos PLAY:3 (horizontal and vertical orientation)
  • Denon HEOS 1
  • Denon HEOS 3
  • Yamaha MusicCast WX-010
  • Yamaha MusicCast WX-030
  • Klipsch RW-1

Price: $59.99
  • Enjoy perfect listening from anywhere in the room with 132 degrees of speaker swivel 
  • 30-degree tilt provides excellent sound whether you're listening sitting down or standing up
  • Sleek, subtle mounting solution facilitates immersive audio in your kitchen, home theater or any room you choose
  • Quick and easy 3-step installation in 15 minutes or less
  • Hardware included for wood stud, concrete or drywall installation

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