Some Notable Residents Of Northampton

By | February 12, 2018

Northampton is the county town of Northamptonshire in the east Midlands of the United Kingdom, The town is sixty seven miles North West of London. With a population of 189,500 people, the town has a number of notable residents who have lived, or are currently living, in the town.

Marcia Falkender, the former private secretary to Prime Minister Harold Wilson, was born in 1932 and went to school at Northampton High School for Girls. She is now a Labour politician, is enobled as a life peer, and is now known as Baroness Falkender. The actress and author Nanette Newman was born in Northampton in the year 1934. She has been in many movies, the first being Personal Affairs in 1953 and her latest movie was the Mystery of Edwin Drood in 1993.

The memorable theme tune of the original Doctor Who TV series was produced by Delia Derbyshire, who was born in the year 1937 and forged a successful career as a composer of electronic music. Her rendering of Ron Grainers theme music for Doctor Who used electronic oscillators and magnetic audio tape loops to produce the striking, eerie sounds. She lived in Northampton towards the end of her life, and passed away in the year 2001.

The actress Judy Carne was born in Northampton in the year 1939. She went on to find fame in the United States of America on the TV show Rowan and Martins Laugh-In where her catch phrase was “Sock it to me”. The actress Lesley Joseph, who appeared in the popular TV comedy show Birds of a Feather, was born in the year 1945 and grew up in Northampton.

The architect Will Alsop was born in Northampton in the year 1947 where he lived and went to college to study for a degree. Will Alsop designed Peckham Library and North Greenwich tube station which is on the Jubilee Line of the London Underground tube network. He also designed major projects in Singapore and New York.

Another former student at Northampton High School for Girls, Anne Fine, who was born in the year 1947, went on to write more than fifty childrens books, including Madame Doubtfire which was adapted into the Hollywood movie Mrs Doubtfire in 1993 starring Robin Williams.

The broadcaster Andrew Collins, born in the year 1965, grew up in the town of Northampton and went on to edit New Musical Express and Q magazine. He is currently the Film Editor of the Radio Times. He has written a memoir about his formative years in the town called Where Did It All Go Right?

The actor and television presenter Dallas Campbell, born in the year 1970, was a student at Northampton University of Northampton before going on to appear on TV in the Gadget Show, Casualty and Holby City, and in the movies Hard Men and Fallen Angels.

The comedian Alan Carr, born in the year 1976, went to Weston Favell School in Northampton. He is a well known stand-up comedian who regularly appears on radio and TV. His TV appearances include Alan Carrs Celebrity Ding Dong and Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

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