Vintage Dresses Are In

By | February 12, 2018

The trend that started out as a subversive rejection of the fashion victim way of life by young people who thought they were too cool and hip to follow any fashion trends has now gone main stream and become the hottest fashion trend of the season as more and more people get familiar with the term.

Vintage clothing started out as an affinity for wearing old and worn clothing that looked visibly distressed or aged. It was a very real and bold statement against everything that was fashionable and it was quickly adopted by a large number of people. The people who were in the know began ransacking their own basements and attics for their parents and grand parents old clothes and started scouring garage sales for pieces of this kind of clothing. The perfect piece of this kind of clothing was or rather is frayed and tattered. The fabric looks threadbare with age and wear and the colours are faded, whites are yellowed with age and deep blacks are now a dull grey.

People soon started to cash in on the craze for vintage pieces of clothing and started selling these kinds of pieces and outfits at garage sales. Later even stores that catered exclusively to this segment of the market opened up that would sell these clothes for ever increasing prices as the demand increased.

Now that the once subversive movement has been swallowed in whole by the mainstream and the fashion industry has gotten on the vintage band wagon there are designers from around the world that are adopting this style for their collections. The ramps and catwalks of the fashion shows and fashions seasons in the fashion capitals of the world were full of designers dresses this summer. All the designers and clothing labels had their own take on this distinctive style and what has begun as a cottage industry. The process of creating artificially aged clothes has now become a mass produced item.

Earlier some enterprising people would make their own vintage clothing when they could not find the perfect vintage dresses or clothes. They would do this by staining new clothes with mild tea and by washing them repeatedly and rubbing them to get that worn and frayed look. Now this is all done for you and you can walk into the designer store of your choice and you will probably find vintage dresses that look just like the real thing but are brand new.

Vintage dresses can also be found online if you go to

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