How to Heal With a Priest

By | March 13, 2018

Want to know how to heal with a priest? I’ll go over a few tips that you can start using to heal like a pro with the priest class.

Tip #1

Know your class! Know about circle of healing, pain suppression, penance, and all the other cool abilities that we have as priests. Whether you want to be holy or discipline is up to you, they are both great specializations that can make you an awesome healer.

Tip #2

Don’t neglect using quick heals such as flash heal. A lot of people say it’s inefficient, but when you’re healing something like trash mobs it really is the best thing you can use. It’s fast, quick, and effective.

If you haven’t ever used Prayer of Mending before, you need to begin using that whenever it’s available. If you’re holy, remember your Surge of Light ability that will become available whenever you critically heal somebody (Most of the time anyway.)

Binding Heal is another great heal that people forget a lot of the time. This thing is amazing simply because you can protect yourself while healing your target. Keeping a tank and healer up is something that you can do at the same time, it is quite phenomenal.

Tip #3

I know we already went over quick heals, but having a quick hand is very important. You should physically have a mouse that is very comfortable, and just be monitoring all health bars to the best of your ability. The best healers in the game probably get to people that are low in health maybe 1 second later, so you need to get your reaction time up.

Know what’s going on around you. Be aware of your environment. Are you about to pull more mobs that people don’t’ see? Are bosses running around hurting people? These are all things that healers, above all else, can see. Our duty is to heal and know what’s going on.

Thanks for reading!

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