Palm Wax Candles – A Better Choice Than Paraffin Candles

By | March 13, 2018

Palm wax candles are one of the many natural choices that people are turning to instead of traditional candles. Many have decided against continuing to use the common candles that are made of paraffin wax due to environmental issues. Paraffin is a byproduct of oil refining and as such, it has some of the same properties as petroleum. Petroleum is well known to pose multiple health risks. When paraffin is used in candles, it can increase the amount of carbon dioxide gases that are added to the air. In addition, paraffin candles produce a good deal of soot that contains other toxic chemicals. This soot can adhere to the surfaces where the candle is used. Eventually these toxic properties can penetrate deep into the lungs of humans and animals where they can cause multiple health problems.

By using an all-natural product such as palm wax candles are made from, one eliminates the health concerns that paraffin candles present. Palm wax is made from the fruit of the oil palm. It not only burns completely, but it burns without soot. In addition, because it is a natural product, there are no chemical toxins to worry about.

Palm wax candles are unique in the texture of the wax itself. The texture generally has a crystal look to it that makes for a candle that is not only very original in its appearance, very appealing to the eye as well. With the addition of fragrances and dyes, these candles can be made to fit in any dcor. They come in a wonderful selection of shapes such as votives, pillars and other traditional candle shapes. Palm wax is a long burning wax, which results in a candle that will last much longer than candles that are more traditional will. Because of this, the fragrances that the candle emits will last for a longer period of time. Many also say that when virgin palm wax is used the scent is much clearer and of a better quality.

For those who are trying to be more conscious of taking steps to protect the environment, palm wax candles can be a wonderful choice. Not only are they of benefit to the environment in general, but they are also help in making one’s personal space a bit more safer by reducing the number of toxins that a person’s family and friends breathe in. With these candles, one can positively affect their living space while enjoying the standard benefits of a traditional candle.

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