The jubilating and waltzing festivals of Jakarta

By | March 13, 2018

Situated on the northwest of Java Island, Jakarta is the national capital of Indonesia. Since centuries Jakarta has seen several emperors, kinfolks ruling over the city and every time, the amendment in reign manipulated the culture and overall ambience of Jakarta including the festivals and social events. Due to such various cultural influences Jakarta Festivals are one of the speckled and blissful in the world. Different civilizations in Jakarta come with its unique deposit of festivals and multitudes of tourists take the cheap flights to Jakarta to be the part of these multicolored and enjoying festivals.

Jakarta International Film Festival: In the late 90’s nearly all the south East Asian countries were hosting international film festivals. Singapore International Film Festival was the most famous one. Jakarta International Film Festval was inaugurated in November 1999. The inaugural festival lasted for 9 days and it received around 18000 spectators through the flights to Jakarta. Now it is one of the biggest in the region and massive and in the current years about 200 movies are screened of 30 countries in the worldwide. Moreover, the festival welcomes globally popular showbiz and film guests through the cheap flights to Jakarta besides a collection of panels and workshops.


International Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta: Jazz is in fact a form of music which was initiated in US and is a merge of African-American music styles. Jazz stays in the air of Jakarta in the International Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta for three days in March every year that brings a flock of jazz lovers to the festival by flights to Jakarta. Besides Jazz, the festival also includes various other types of music like Pop, Latin, Electro and Rock. The festival is committed for raising funds for social interests. Even the famed international performers and artists who join in this jazzing festival also take part in raising funds. There is also held a contest called “Jazz icon search”, which provide young potential Jazz artists an opportunity to prove their talent. Since 2006, the festival also hosts a show of music and audio accessories which prove to be a great crowd-puller even the international participants through the flights to Jakarta.


Jakarta Kite Festival: Kite flying is a favorite sport in Indonesia and a sacred practice in some parts. In July, the atmosphere and blue skies of Indonesia are occupied with shimmering colored kites. The Festival receives eager kite fliers from all over the world through flights to Jakarta and throughout the festival, hundreds of kites of multi-colors and sizes are flown flying all over.

Take now the flights to Jakarta and become a part of the pulsating festivals of Jakarta.


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