Womens Fitness Tip – #1 Way to Stay Motivated to Exercise

By | March 13, 2018

In womens fitness there are a number of ways to stay motivated to exercise. But only one option is long term, extremely effective, and results oriented. That option is a workout buddy. 

For many women, fitness is a challenge simply because taking the physical steps necessary to begin a fitness program can be the most difficult part of the process. The need for motivation to make that effort starts there. For many other women, getting started is not an issue. Ultimately though, whether getting started in easy or not, for the large majority of us staying focused, committed, and on the right track requires motivation on a daily and even sometimes hourly basis.
You can get that motivation through various means. Play great music, live for the compliments that come as your body starts changing, (gotta love that attention), buy that outfit or swimsuit you want to wear this summer and look at it everyday, or even tape a picture of you with that body of your dreams all over the house. (Thank God for photoshop!) 
The problem with these tools for motivation is that their impact in many cases is only temporary. Music drives me to exercise and push myself daily but eventually I end up hearing that song one too many times. And shoot if the truth were to be told, if it comes down to the picture of me on the fridge with the buns of steel and abs of iron, and I know there’s chocolate inside, sooner or later those M&Ms will win out and I’ll be having a handful in my mouth quicker than you can say Mmmm good.
Now I know there are ways to avoid these pitfalls in womens fitness such as changing your music and getting the M&Ms completely out of the house. But if you want a motivator that doesn’t get old and helps keep you honest and avoid temptations in the first place, then you need to get yourself a workout buddy. 
Workout buddies are awesome. They are there for you to keep you pumped and excited. They will listen to you when you are struggling or feeling weak. Plus, they will push you beyond what you thought your limits were and help you to achieve new heights and conquer your goals in your womens fitness endeavor. And when your first goal is met, they will stay with you to help you reach your new goal and any new ones after that. 
A workout buddy can be your personal trainer, friend, partner or mate, family member, coworker, or room mate. As long as both of you know what each other’s goals are they can help guide you and stay on track. They will encourage you to not give up or give in. Plus, they will keep you accountable. And trust me, that helps on the days when you don’t want to work out or stick to your healthy eating regimen. As much as I love my music and M&Ms, neither of the two provides that kind of support. 
So if you need a pick-me-up to stay motivated with your womens fitness plan, consider finding a workout buddy. Who knows…in doing so you both can celebrate in each other’s fitness success, and share some great music and delicious M&M when both of your goals have been met.

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