Benefits of Choosing an Allied Health Career

By | March 14, 2018

There are many benefits of choosing an allied health career. The professions that make up this field are numerous, and many of them might seem like they don’t remotely belong in the same category. Basically, allied health careers are designated as those professions in the clinical health care field not including those of dentists, medical doctors and nurses. This is a huge portion of the health care industry. In fact, allied health professionals make up approximately 60 percent of the total healthcare workforce in the United States. There is obviously a huge demand for these jobs, but other benefits accompany these career choices as well.

Allied health professionals are highly in demand due to many factors such as the expanding elderly population and increasing specialization of health care practices. By training to provide direct patient care and support services as well as diagnostic, technical and therapeutic services, individuals can enter a fast-paced medical field without the training necessary to become a dentist or doctor. In fact, most of these jobs require much less schooling and training than registered nurses. Some jobs require less than a year of training, while other allied health careers require a few years of schooling and training. In either case, entering an allied health career takes much less time than becoming a dentist, doctor or specialized nurse.

There is no doubt that allied health professionals are critical to the patients they serve and the other health professionals they work with. Because of this, there is always a great demand for allied health workers in towns and cities across the country. And there are loads of allied health careers to choose from! There are allied health jobs in all of the following professional areas:

Athletic training
Biomedical science
Clinical psychology
Electrocardiogram technology
Health administration


Medical coding
Medical interpreting
Medical labs
Music therapy
Nuclear medicine
Occupational therapy
Physical therapy
Public health
Respiratory therapy
Speech/language pathology
Recreational therapy

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