Connecting to 4G Internet is Now Even Easier Than When First Introduced

By | March 14, 2018

Connecting to Fourth Generation wireless Internet is even easier now than when it was first introduced. A relatively new form of wireless Internet, 4G is quickly changing the way people log onto high speed Internet. Widely introduced just over a year ago, 4G continues to spread and reach cities all across the country.

If your city or town is not already connected, it will likely soon be. Just recently another dozen cities were welcomed into the 4G network family, along with their surrounding areas and nearby towns that are able to receive the signal. The cities and towns now connected stretch across the continent, using the same basic idea as regular cell phone signals with an important difference. A 4G-capatible tower is installed along with the necessary equipment to transmit the signal, and the high speed Internet access method is made available in that particular area. With numerous other towers strategically placed across the city, the entire area becomes a wireless Internet network. The important difference between regular cell phone towers and those that carry a 4G signal is the speed of Internet connection that is provided.

You likely are familiar with Third Generation Wireless Internet and perhaps have it on your cell phone. Not too long ago, 3G was making its appearance and spreading across the country. Not soon after its introduction, millions of Americans were purchasing 3G cell phones and connecting to mobile Internet. While it is revolutionary for providing true mobile Internet that is not dependant on wireless Internet networks, it has not been able to give you the high speed Internet that you have become accustomed to with cable and satellite Internet. It allowed you to move beyond the wireless network at the café, bookstore, or airport but it was not able to give you the strong signal you need to perform all the important and complex online functions.

With the introduction and spread of 4G Internet, you will be able to perform all those online functions that necessitate a broadband Internet connection. The simple functions will be improved as well. That means that downloading and uploading complex work documents will be possible. You will be able to video conference if your cell phone offers the necessary camera hardware. Those are just a couple of examples of the functions made possible on your cell phone with 4G.

Your basic online functions will also be improved. Merely browsing or navigating the Internet can be a time-consuming process on 3G. You experience delays in loading simple web pages and possibly get blank screens regularly when trying to download a webpage. It means you have to try again, wasting time and causing headache and hassle.

The developers of 4G heard the complaints and confronted them straight on. The Internet you now receive is high speed. You keep the mobility that 3G first introduced, but now it is accompanied by broadband. Internet. Thanks to the quick spread of 4G across the country, if your area is not currently connected to the wireless network, you likely won’t be waiting too long.

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