Acer, Strong From the Beginning

By | April 5, 2018

Acer was founded in 1976 in Taiwan, originally known as Multitech. Today this company produces a variety of products such as desktops, notebooks, tablet Pac’s, servers, storage devices, hand held computers, monitors, projectors, digital cameras, and TV’s. They employ over 5500 people in over 100 countries dealing with sales and service. Reports of a $ 10 billion revenue were quickly outdone by 2007, when they soared to over $ 14 billion.

They have accomplished being the worlds 2nd laptop seller, and the 3rd largest PC vender. They also shown the fastest growth among the top 5 computer producers. To make their company even more powerful they have merged with Gateway, and Packard Bell.

This company has been strong since the beginning. The Microprocessor Training Center started in 1978. Here they were responsible for preparing 3000 engineers for the IT industry, along with incorporating their motto “the goodness of human nature,” to all aspects of business. Producing Taiwan’s first mass-produced PC for export, along with Taiwan’s first 8-bit home computer and starting Acerland. Taiwan’s first franchised retail computer chain was another list of Acer’s accomplishments.

It wasn’t until 1987 that the company changed its name it hopes it would help make a stronger brand name. With this name change they headed into new joint ventures, introductions of new technologies, and strategic and geographic growth, making them one of the largest PC brands in the world. With new ideas for the millennium Acer pushed ahead with great momentum.

Desktops for business and home use deliver specific needs for both. The business desktops enhance productivity and multitasking, while providing features and value on a professional level. The brands you will find this quality desktop are Vertion, and Acer Power Trimlines. The home use desktops qualities are home entertainment, multimedia, performance, and communications. These will be known as Aspire brand.

Notebooks are produced with various abilities. Aspire notebooks are well liked for their style, usability, and multimedia features. The Travelmate does exactly what the name suggest. These notebooks are for business professionals that use computers on the go, with security, reliability, communication, and other professional features. A partnership with Ferrari produced the Ferrari series. These notebooks are loaded with technology features and have the Ferrari logo on them.

Their ability to combine several hand held devices into one also has many consumers interested. A good example of one of these products is the Pocket PC Travel Companion. This has a PDA trip navigator, MP3 playback, Bluetooth technology, and wireless capabilities all captivated into one device.

Reaching out from the actual electronic devices, Acer also produced a LCD TV and computer monitors. They too have many varieties available to consumers. From economical versions to fancy, sleek Ferrari LCD monitors.

This strong company has a lot to offer with many varieties of the same product. Reaching out to all kinds of consumers, and their abilities.

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