Collectible Timepieces a Wonderful Investment for Your Home

By | April 5, 2018

Unlike the modern clocks of today antique clocks were made to last and the first time most people see an antique clock today is if they are visiting elderly relatives. People today are not as bothered as older generations about keeping old antiques; however a nice antique clock will make a great centerpiece in a room or depending on how big the clock is a nice piece of furniture. One of cheapest ways to get hold of a quality antique clock is to inherit it from another family member. Some people do not like to keep older style furniture; however just think of the history behind the furniture especially a nice antique clock.

Some clocks have been in families for years and it would be a shame to lose this sort of history from your family. Not only that but a nice antique clock is also going to be worth quite a bit, it will be worth even more if you hang onto it. Just think of a nice grandfather clock standing in your big hallway, or maybe a mantel clock on a large fireplace which has been handed down through the generations. Unlike most antique furniture a clock is most useful where as most antique furniture is for decoration and most of it is not practical in today’s climate. A clock is always good for telling the time, to keep it telling the time accurately you may need to have your clock serviced at regular intervals and unlike modern battery or mains clocks you will need to keep winding it up. Most decent antique clocks will go for days without the need to rewind it.

There are lots of different varieties of antique clocks you can have the rather large grandfather clock which are also called long cased clocks due to the length of the clock case with the working parts and the clock face in, these are big pieces of furniture and require quite big rooms to stand in, hall ways are a favorite as most hallways are quite high ceilings. There is also the Mantel clock which comes in various designs and different styles, such as a French mantel clock made from spelter or bronze. There is also the American Mantel clock or shelf clocks which have become highly collectable.

Lots of the early American clocks took most of there looks from the European clocks which were brought over by the first settlers. However very soon there were American clock makers who started to produce there own clocks in bigger quantities, so the importing of European clocks all but ceased and most Americans then started to buy clocks from there own makers such as Simon Willard and Seth Thomas. Lots of these clocks have been lost forever but now there is a resurgence of buying traditional early American clocks, so there prices have risen over the past few years and they are becoming a good investment.

There are lots of places where you can buy antique clocks from and they are fast becoming a good investment as most were made from wood they have not survived over the years and as years go by they are becoming less and less plentiful and more expensive. Have a look on the internet you may pick up a bargain which with a little work could be worth a forturne.

Antique Clocks and Timepieces looks at all kinds of antique clocks including wall clocks, mantel clocks and novelty cuckoo clocks.

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