Daring Diners To Eat Puffer Dameisha Risking Death

By | April 5, 2018

“Lou reed shoots of Artemisia Montreal short, when it puffer want.” Puffer fish meat is now the most delicious of the season, but the puffer fish are toxic, very dangerous for consumption. Ministry of Health, Health Department of Guangdong Province, illegal sales of puffer fish is prohibited, the city has many restaurants operate against puffer fish, but some restaurants are still secret illegal operations, but desperate to eat puffer fish Zheyi flock.

Recently, the newspaper received a reader Baoliao, said Dameisha eating puffer fish is serious. To find out, the reporter repeatedly in Meisha unannounced visits. October 24 evening 6:30, reporters, insiders, led by a group of eating puffer fish puffer fish to a restaurant specialized in sales.

Press mixed on the table to eat puffer fish

Restaurant called “Rongxing Hai Seafood Restaurant”, located next to Chen Hang Kwai Road salt. It’s time to eat to reach the peak of the open space outside the restaurant has been placed several tables, all tables are arrayed a large pan, or two pots. Insiders told reporters, iron loading is puffer fish bowl. Into the restaurant, from the first floor lobby to the second floor, third floor private dining room, fully packed.

Journalists and insiders to the first floor of a private room, the room has sat 10 people (two of which are a good friend of insiders), with reporters and insiders, just filled table. Just sit down, loaded with iron pots of food on the come up. Insiders told reporters that a total of 10 kilograms of puffer fish to buy, there are about two iron pots, iron pots of puffer fish is braised with milk white Luo Bujia system. News very closely, the pufferfish has bowls can not see the fish shapes.

Not the first time under the chopsticks to eat puffer fish

Open meal, but two pots of puffer fish on the table in addition to that, what dishes do not. Most of the same table eating puffer fish is the first time, sitting there not Dongkuaizi. A few courageous men had a puffer fish with chopsticks to your mouth slowly, 10 minutes later to see no accidents, other people began opening up to eat.

“Ate! Delicious, sweet!” Press on the left of a 40-year-old big sister, told reporters, and enthusiasm to the reporter, and got a puffer fish and radish soup bowl. Journalists the right not to eat a big sister began to see we are eating, slowly pick up the chopsticks to eat radishes This.

Reporters had to pick up chopsticks, clip a piece of carrot. Taste really sweet, no wonder so many people desperate to eat puffer fish! But the reporter’s fear, I do not know eat the meal is a curse is a blessing. Reporter noted that reporters have the same mentality with many people.

Puffer fish coming up the second basin, which has a lot of puffer fish liver. A middle-aged man said he came here every year to eat puffer fish, puffer fish liver is best to eat, but the most toxic, but never after eating nothing. Speaks, a puffer fish liver has been into the mouth. After he gave us a piece of one folder, but most people have retreated gently iron pots will puffer fish liver. A few people hesitated in Dizhibuzhu temptations, and from iron pots to the liver folder to your mouth, and quipped: “die you die with.”

Some people have had enough, but at the same table are also hungry.

Cheap wild puffer fish farming expensive

Dining-room, a reporter asked how the price of puffer fish? Host of the young man said that 40 per pound of puffer fish, the fishermen are basically gets here or direct purchase from the nearby cities; the wild also have farm-raised, wild expensive, less expensive farmed half. He said, restaurants are mostly sold puffer fish farming.

Puffer fish restaurant asked no one to check to sell it? A man with disapproval, said: “Every year, authorities have to check several times, but where control was over. Their front foot to go, here on the rear end of the table put puffer.”

The end of dinner, we arrived outside the restaurant. At this point, the restaurant business is booming, and out of diners in groups, including men and women old and young, have come from there from Yantian, Futian, Nanshan and Longgang and other places over, and even foreign tourists travel to Shenzhen. Reporter went to the restaurants beside the fish pond, in a secret place, find a fish pond full of puffer fish. The rest of the puffer fish do not, each about 23 double. Reporter was about to come up with a camera, he suddenly found that sat next to two people who see fish pond. Reporters had to come up with cell phones, cell phone calls pretending to puffer fish photographed.

Can provide only an acquaintance to dinner

Out from eating puffer fish restaurants, is to determine the situation, the reporter called again with another insider contacts, find out if there other places to eat puffer fish. By pointing, the reporter went to Dameisha company called “New Ruihua” restaurant.

A look into the lobby, guests are eating about 56 tables. This reporter noted that the four men were eating poon choi is a big puffer fish. Reporter to sit down and point the puffer fish, but waiter said no. It’s come to the table near the person eating it, and asked what to eat vegetables, then the other half had just said, he was head of the restaurant, then took it: “is trash.”

Next to the residents told reporters that the family and nearby restaurants are selling puffer fish, but do it very secret.

Insiders also told reporters that though the people here more than eating it, but to an acquaintance who is boss, who is not familiar with can not get a meal.

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