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By | April 5, 2018

The Feather Flag And Other Outdoor Business Advertising Print Solutions

When it comes to advertising your business, there are many options and routes you can take. As well as advertising away from your business, including in newspapers and on the Internet, you can also employ a number of methods and use a number of products inside and outside your business premises to help promote what you offer. If you conduct work in other premises then you may be able to use some of these products to your benefit too.

The Feather Flag

The feather flag comes in three sizes from 2.5 metres to 4.8 metres tall and there’s a selection of different stands and fixings that enable you to anchor the flag to the floor. Feather flags can be used outside your own property or, with permission, they can be placed locally to give details of products or offers that you currently provide. The feather flag is good looking and attractive, as well as being easy to spot.

Lamppost Banners

Lamppost banners attach to any post or wall easily and securely. They are made from non rusting and durable materials so that they can withstand the wind, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. The standard lamppost banner is made from PVC because it is inexpensive and offers a high quality print resolution. However, you can also buy biobanners which use a biodegradable material that is kinder to the environment.

Outdoor Counters

Outdoor counters can actually be used indoors or outdoors but are made from materials that will stand up to regular outdoor use. They have water drainage notches so that the counter top won’t be swimming in rainwater and a hollow base allows for the use of water to weigh the counter down. As well as a design on the front of the base of the counter you can also choose to have a top banner added with another or the same banner.

Feather Flags And Other Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising banners and fixings like the feather flag banner are a great way to attract passing custom. They grab people’s attention and can be used to promote any of your products or services, give details of promotions and offers, or even promote your service in your local area as well as directly outside your premises.

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