Immersion Helps to Learn English

By | April 5, 2018

Immersion programs put students into a situation where they must not only speak and understand, but must think in English.  These programs are developed so that the student must speak and hear the language every day and in every social situation.  The length of the programs varies but they all provide the student with the opportunity to use what they have learned in practical situations.  It also allows the student to hear different variations of voice tones and inflections when listening to English speakers. 

More often than not, immersion cuts down on the amount of accent that is ultimately used by the student.  They are living every day in an English-only environment so they can practice using familiar and unfamiliar words on a daily basis.  Some students who take advantage of total immersion programs have little or no experience with the English language.  Some have varying degrees of experience.  Either way, the student must begin to formulate thoughts that are expressed in English rather than their native language.  It also allows them a lot of opportunity to hear the language being spoken in a variety of situations and by many different people. 

People from all across the globe have taken advantage of immersion experiences to further their understanding of the English language and its applications.  Normally, immersion is done to help students learn to speak English but many also learn to write English as well to some degree.  There are many Immigrants who had no choice but to learn by immersion as they found themselves in the United States without knowing any of the language at all.  There are groups that guide immersion sessions to better help people to learn the language.

Many people come to the United States speaking only their native tongue.  Of course, there are some that never do learn much of the language, but those who immerse themselves in society and the language catch on pretty quickly.  Immersion can happen by circumstance or it can be an arranged instruction agreement.  They both produce the same results only it helps when there is someone who can guide the student along the way.

Providing a completely English speaking environment along with putting them in social situations where only English is spoken allows the student to learn to speak, and think in English.  Most people come out of immersion with a much better understanding of the language and its practical uses.  Some learn enough to get by but others learn a great deal and are able to communicate very effectively speaking English.

Immersion is often used regardless of the language being learned.  For people who are moving to a country where another language is spoken, it can be a very effective way to learn the new language.  Students begin to recognize one word, then several words and before long they are able to string them together to both listen and speak in English.  The experience can be frustrating, but it is very educational.

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