Impressive weekly images: September 12th

By | April 5, 2018

Each week passes by and leaves us a lot of news worldwide. As a rule, now we will have chances to review breathtaking pictures in the second week of September. Those who are concerned with news hardly miss following updated news through images. First, Edward Nino Hernandez from Colombia was recognized as the shortest living man in the world. The 24-year-old man measures 70 cm tall. In addition, other news related to natural phenomena or scientific news are regarded to draw considerable attention all over the world. Let’s take a brief look at the following incredible images which somehow describe the previous week’s incidents truly.


Edward Nino Hernandez from Colombia, aged 24, holds the Guinness World Record Book 2011



The European Southern Observatory releases the image of the spiral galaxy NGC 300 located in the Sculptor Group of galaxies.


A solar flare erupts on the surface of the sun, which creates a spectacular prominence


Luckily, a seal safely escaped from the mouth of a white shark. This stunning image is taken in False Bay, Cape Town by 38-year-old photographer Chris Fallows.


A serviceman from special forces of the Belarussian Interior Ministry unit breaks burning slabs with his head


Deadly gas explosion in San Francisco, California destroyed at least 38 houses, killed 4 people and injured 50 people.


Thick smoke from Mount Sinabung volcano in North Sumatra province, Indonesia.


It is a miracle when a Chinese driver survived after his lorry crashed into a bridge in Changchun, Jilin Province.


Wang Jianguang from China is reported to set a new Guinness World Record by riding along a 20-meter row of beer bottles in 19 seconds.


Jan Burian and Hana Kuglerova from the Czech Republic are amateur rock climbers. In their wedding, the bride wears a pink gown and huge boots while the groom puts on his usual climbing gear.


China’s armed forces participates in the anti-terrorism physical training at Dongguan Drill Base to ensure strict security during the Asian Games from November 12th to 27th in Guangzhou.


Artist Harwinder Singh Gill from India makes the model of the World Trade Centre in New York to depict the September 11 terrorist attacks.


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