Modern Whimsical Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

By | April 5, 2018

Bridal shower invitations are an essential part of planning the shower and getting guests (and the bride) excited for the event. A modern yet whimsical bridal shower invitation will provide all the necessary details for the event, as well as create the perfect vibe for an unforgettable shower.

Garden Party Bridal Shower Invitations

What could be more whimsical then a garden setting for a bridal shower? If the bride loves flowers, consider hosting the shower either in someone’s already lovely garden area or at a local botanical garden. To modernize the shower, instead of drinking tea and eating cucumber sandwiches, consider a mid-afternoon filled with champagne cocktails pared with strawberries, chocolate, and angel food cake, after a stroll through the garden.

The bridal shower invitations could feature the bride’s favorite flower or girls toasting champagne glasses. If the shower will take place during colder months, you could always bring this theme inside by setting up vases filled with flowers and greenery so it feels as if you were secluded in a garden.

Enchanted Forest Bridal Shower Invitations

If the bride is a fairy tale buff, consider a bridal shower invitation that features a forest scene, whether there are birds flitting about, a stream running along one side, or flower beds spontaneously paired beneath the trees. Then, call it the enchanted forest and invite girls to a fun, whimsical shower. The shower could really take place outdoors, perhaps a picnic at a local park; regardless of the location you choose, just be sure you inform your guests so they can dress appropriately.

Tiara Bridal Shower Invitations

Another way to incorporate the whimsical nature of fairy tales into the shower is to send deep pink bridal shower invitations embossed with a silver, glittery tiara in the center. You should have a tiara for the bride to wear during the shower, and if you live near a park or city that offers carriage rides/tours, then book your group on one for the afternoon or even for an evening ride. Then, carry everyone to a local restaurant to eat, drink, and be merry.

Cocktail Bridal Shower Invitations

You could choose a modern cocktail theme for the shower but soften it by incorporating a pastel color or romantic flowers into the shower decorations. You could send bridal shower invitations featuring martini glasses outlined in colorful pinks and greens against a light pink background, and even ask guests to wear a shade of pink to the shower.

If the bride has a favorite blossom, or has chosen a signature flower for her wedding, consider including it. For example, if she loves tulips, have a centerpiece that includes them in shades of pink and white, and then scatter some rose petals along the food tables. Asking guests to dress up for the cocktail bridal shower will lend sophistication to the shower and allow its whimsical touches to stand out.

However you decide to incorporate a modern touch with a whimsical shower, remember that your bridal shower invitations will set the scene, as long as you choose ones that complement your intended theme, thereby creating a truly memorable and special shower.

Whether you are planning a bridal shower or wedding, be inspired by the vast and sophisticated array of wedding invitations and bridal shower invitations that are available through today’s designers. Browse through modern whimsical bridal shower invitations to find the ones that represent the bride perfectly.

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