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By | April 5, 2018

Reversing Cameras And Parking Sensors

The range of different car accessories and gadgets now available is a massive one, and as well as those that are meant for entertainment or navigation, as well as security accessories, there are also those that help us when parking and getting around. Reversing cameras help ensure that we can park easier without reversing into other cars or walls while parking sensors will alert the driver as they approach another vehicle or other object situated behind the car.

Car Accessories

Many modern cars include the likes of reversing cameras and parking sensors in their cars when they are first manufactured and released but this isn’t necessarily always the case. Some models offer such features as additional extras, either on all of their models or just on the higher specification models. Alternatively, you can have items like reversing cameras and parking sensors fitted once you’ve bought the car.

Reversing Cameras

Reversing cameras are exactly as the name suggests. Typically, two small cameras are mounted on the rear of the car and when you start reversing, the display from these cameras is shown to you on a small screen in the front of the car. The cameras will usually offer a full panoramic view between them so that you can judge distances without having to guess and fit into tighter spaces. Reversing cameras can prove prohibitively expensive for many car owners.

Parking Sensors

Parking sensors help to perform a similar job. Once the car is in reverse, the ultrasonic sensors detect the distance of your car from objects behind it. When you’re within a specific distance of the car, the sensor will alert you by emitting an audible sound. As you grow nearer and nearer to an obstacle, the beeps will get closer together and sound more frantic.

Front Sensors

As well as parking sensors that work when you reverse the car, there are also front parking sensors. These may need to be activated before you start parking so that they work properly but these too can making parking a lot easier. Parking sensors and reversing cameras are among the most useful and beneficial of car accessories. sells high quality vehicle related products including Vanlocks, Parking Sensors and towbars . Visit us today for more information!

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