Random Vibration? WHat Is It?

By | April 5, 2018

Random vibration is also known as any vibration which does not follow any pattern. This type of vibration is commonly found in various electrical and mechanical systems. Since it does not follow any pattern, this vibration is unpredictable. However, the main information about the vibration environments can be generated by the statistics. Commonly, random vibration can be found in the rockets and cars.

Although this kind of vibration cannot be predicted precisely, there are certain probabilities in which the random vibration behavior can be possibly predicted. As the example, you can have a look on the car on the highway. It is vibrating randomly in a vertical direction so that the future positions of the car are unpredictable for sure. On the other hand, the probability of certain height of the car can be predicted since the random behavior of the vibration follows the normal distribution or bell curve. This behavior can be analyzed by using statistics tools.

The statistical analysis can provide information such as the average value of some measurements. In a large measurement sample, the statistics can provide the standard deviations. It is also known as the distance from the mean value which contains the 68.2% of data points. For the vibration test of the car, 68.2% of the heights measurements can be within 1 inch or 2.54 cm of mean height.

The result of the calculation of the standard deviation of the data of the test can be used for designing the new products. The statistical data is quite reliable since the conditions of the random vibration on a lot of highways are almost the same. Then, the data from this statistical analysis can be used to replicate the conditions of the vibration in the laboratory for the tests on some different product design.

Random vibration can also be found in the rocket launch. When the engine starts ignites, the rocket feels the vibration from the motor which is burning. When the rockets have surpasses the sound speed, the vibration will affect the vehicle. Some vibration can also result from smaller thrusters which can correct the orientation of the rockets.

There are some other types of vibration such as vibration damping. To know the exact vibration, you can use the vibration testing equipment. Knowing the vibration is very important especially for the machinery.

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