Skin Care for Acne Prone Skin

By | April 5, 2018

You may think finding acne prone skin care products challenging  if you are subject to breakouts. Advise on how to fight acne prone skin are confusing. That doesn’t imply you’ll never find the right products for acne prone skin.

Among the most popular bad  skin care advice you get on acne is to wash your face often. Washing the face is an important skin care tip for acne prone skin but over-washing causes more harm than good. Certain items like harsh cleansers, rubbing too hard,  prickly wash cloths and towels will make your skin raw and redder. These are the last things you need. You only need to wash your face two or three times daily or once in the morning and once at night.

Wash with a gentle, non-abrasive soap or cleanser with natural ingredients. Again, avoid harsh wash rags. Apply cleanser to your face in a gentle, circular motion with clean fingers and cotton cloth. Rinse with warm water, not hot. Dry with thoroughly with a soft towel.  Apply moisturizer if your skin is dry.  Otherwise, skip it.

Acne prone skin care starts on the inside. Many  acne problems usually means something is wrong on the interior. This can be remedied by giving your body adequate nutrients. Vitamin A and zinc are two important nutrients that help fight acne. Include more seafood, lean meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs.  You have perhaps heard this  a thousand times and you are hearing it again about the importance of hydration. Some don’t follow this simple acne skin care tip. You need to drink six to eight glasses of water daily to hydrate skin . Hydrated skin looks better than dehydrated skin. Water flushes out harmful toxins and chemicals. Dry skin is the first sign of dehydration.  Caffeine beverages and alcohol don’t count.

Another way to help acne prone skin is exercise. Though it seems strange, exercise improves circulation all over. The improved blood flow gives your skin the healthy pink look.  You may wonder about sweat. Sweat removes damaging toxins from your skin.

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Product Description

Whether you experience hormonal acne, blackheads, scars, oily skin or that annoying whitehead - AcneFree is perfect for you! AcneFree combats facial and body acne for men and women prone to acne, breakouts and oily skin. It combines acne-fighting actives with caring ingredients to rapidly treat acne breakouts while balancing your skin for a clean, fresh-faced look.


The 3-Step 24H Acne Clearing System for Sensitive Skin is ideal for acne-prone skin that has experienced dryness with other treatments. Cleanse your face with our Corrective Acne Cleanser, balance your skin with our Alcohol-free Acne Toner, and treat skin with Hydrating Acne Repair Lotion. Using dermatologist recommended salicylic acid to treat breakouts and balancing skin with natural ingredients. Results can be seen as rapidly as 3 days!


AcneFree is as easy to use as other acne face wipes, mask, soaps or serum and easier to use than popular Korean and Japanese acne therapies which may suggest a 10 step ritual!


How To Use AcneFree:


Step 1: Corrective Acne Cleanser


Apply a dime-size amount to damp skin and gently massage avoiding the eye area.

If peeling occurs, reduce application.


Step 2: Alcohol-Free Acne Toner


After cleansing, apply to entire face (or chest, or back) with a cotton pad, avoiding the eye area.

Do not rinse.


Step 3: Hydrating Acne Repair Lotion + Spot Treatment


Apply to entire face (or chest, or back) with a cotton pad, avoiding the eye area.

Do not rinse.

Can also be used as a spot treatment

Price: $19.99
  • Three Different Acne Treatment Kits - "24H Acne Clearing System" - for mild to moderate acne. "Severe" kit for stubborn and severe acne, and "Sensitive Skin" for acne-prone skin sensitive to drying acne solutions. Pick the kit that is right for you.
  • Acne-Prone Sensitive Skin - 24H Acne Clearing System for Sensitive Skin fights acne without overly drying-out skin. With gentle acne ingredients like salicylic acid to clear breakouts and an alcohol-free toner with fruit enzymes to rebalance skin.
  • 3 Step Daily Regimen: Cleanse with the Corrective Acne Cleanser with 2% Salicylic Acne Treatment for blemishes and blackheads. Control shine with the Alcohol-free Acne Toner to replenish skin. Treat spots with the Hydrating Acne Repair Lotion.
  • Gentle & Less- Drying Formulas for Sensitive Skin - Compared to our 24H Clearing System, the sensitive kit uses dermatologist-recommended salicylic acid as an effective treatment for acne and natural ingredients like oats, ceramides, and vitamins
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