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By | April 5, 2018

Smart Media Technologies has four divisions:

Smart Media Learning
Smart Media Business Builder
Smart Media Fundraising
Smart Media Direct Sales

David Martin, the Company CEO, has designed and developed banking platforms & digital banking security systems over the last fifteen years.

Until now, in the Direct Sales industry, there has not been a technology company that actually has world class software needed by over 2 Billion people worldwide.

The Smart Media Desktop is a complete revolution for Internet Users, Business Marketers, even non-profits such as Churches, Schools and the like. It is also a revolution in the direct sales industry.

Only one kind of programming team could create this degree of quality and value within a software program:
The programming team consists of twenty-one programmers and designers that work exclusively for Smart Media Technologies; a proven team that has worked exclusively for David Martin for over 12 years on some of the most important mission-critical enterprise software in the world.

Since 1998, this awesome team has designed and developed entire banking platforms and anti-fraud security systems with world-class security, reliability and ease of use for small and medium-sized banks. These platforms and enterprise security systems have helped stop Credit Card and e-Cheque fraud and provide login and money transfer security to people worldwide.

This is the same programming team that was used to create the patent-pending Smart Media Desktop system, which took over 3 years and millions of dollars to develop. It is no wonder that this software is technically far superior to most other software in the world.

The fact that Smart Media Technologies custom world-class back office contains the most powerful cutting-edge features in the industry is also no surprise as it was designed by a team used to creating mission-critical enterprise technologies over the last 12 years.

All of the company’s websites, squeeze capture pages as well as the outstanding “back office” – real time genealogy tracking, accounting, robust e-wallet and voucher system – were created “in-house” from beginning to end by this exceptional team.

This means that we have the best quality and value today and that we will remain the leaders in quality and value throughout the global computer industry. We uphold these high value standards throughout the entire company.

The same world-class programming team that worked for David Martin creating mission critical enterprise applications has created Smart Media’s entire back office system and the Smart Media Desktop from scratch. Because of their background, this exclusive team is able to create technology at many times the speed and quality than is usually common in the direct sales industry or even in the normal world of software development.

The company’s main servers are hosted by Rackspace, an enterprise server hosting company that is the world’s leader in reliability and safety. Additionally, Smart Media uses numerous server clusters which are placed strategically in different parts of the world to ensure continuing service and security.

We are also the premier leader in Internet Education Technologies, 100% Guaranteed Video Delivery and Innovative Value-Oriented Online Marketing Systems.

We have no need to compete against other companies in the Direct Sales industry. We believe in “co-opetition” not competition. Instead of competing with other companies, our product works as a super tool to greatly enhance the profit potential of any entrepreneur.

Derek Weller lives on the beautiful islands of Bermuda. He is a God-fearing Christian, Pastor’s kid and entrepreneur. Derek loves the Smart Media business and invites everyone to review his website for more information about this awesome tool and business:

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