Textstar Series Lcd Monitor

By | April 5, 2018

TextStar is designed to be small, easy to use and customize the LCD screen connected to the UART or serial device option. Our business with TTL and RS232 level signals, 2400-115200 baud rate – no need for RS232 conveter! Manufacturing, ultra-thin “glass Chip (COG) technology to shrink the transparent cover, can be used in many different ways, for example, by hand or installed in a house or even stay on the surface double-sided/Velcro Tape .

Set up is simple; no DIP switches or jumpers to configure and connect the drive the wrong way, it will destroy that is ideal for training and testing. It can be used with power between 3.5 and 20 volts, which makes it very adapt.

Technology GraphSmart This course is characterized by automatic GraphSmart bar, very easy to make a graphical representation of the data. Without complex programming the microcontroller, you – it can all be completed two single byte of data – the length and speed of the graphics will appear. The TextStar done!
Incredible size! TextStar typical unit is really thin liquid crystal display. Use of glass on the chip, the assembly of components and 0.8 mm printed circuit board minutes TextStar accounted for almost your product or project in any room! As an only 6 mm, maximum thickness, TextStar is the best on the market similar products.
Easy installation! The TextStar very easy to create – no jumpers, loss, or special program on the microcontroller. The TextStar can be set using the four touch buttons minutes – each side of the screen two. Can not only use these buttons to adjust the screen, but can also be programmed to send to the host user-defined characters back.
Persist in the end it! TextStar is so thin, it can be used with velcro or double-sided tape marks. This means you can never catch up with you before they place the screen. If you decide to use the four touch buttons, you can use completely different host device as a control terminal of the.
Servo signal pattern TextStar a radio signal measurement servo control, this particular model – unlike any other product on the market – will also measure the pulse width and frequency. This means that the receivers, gyroscopes and other R / C unit can be properly controlled and servo match. TextStar standard 1520us 760us and brands, and with pulse repetition frequencies up to 1 kHz compatible.
High contrast 2-line 16 character display
It will serve as a simple, easy to use LCD screen series
Serial terminal mode has four programmable buttons
High compatibility of a signal, not the MAX232, high or low speed (RS – 232 or TTL mode)
The R / C servo signal function test (normal & super servo mode)
ERC II compatible mode / protocol Scott Edwards Electronics
16 virtual line screen (which can store up to 256 characters of data)
Unique facilities automatic bar” to create line graphs only 4 bytes
Through the port , ICSP (experts only) programmable firmware chip
8 programmable characters
Dimensions W x H = 50 mm 26 mm thick 6 mm
Weight = 8.6 grams



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