Wireless 7 Color LED Under Body Kit 6pc

By | April 5, 2018

Do you want the lifetime driving experience with BMW and style? Then this is the right
kit for you to install in your car. Installing this component makes you look good and earn
you the appreciation and utter symbol of fashion among many.

If you are looking for your BMW to look all different and attractive, then use this
wireless 7 color LED under Body Kit 6 pc, coming in different shades and colors,
this kit makes your car stand all above from the other cars and make your car look all
different from the pack. The kit is installed by the certified professionals after the testing,
surveying, and proofreading of the component is done by the best so that the performance
of your is still among the high.

This underbody lighting consist of 4 under the car and 2 inside the car tubes having 17
and more different shades and tints that can be controlled just one click away, making
your car look fabulous. This one unit entire kit can replace the other discrete kits which
are available in the market so that it can be controlled just by one wireless remote.
Gearing up with the modes ranging from flashing to dimming and the variety of looks it
gives to the car making it the prime candidate for installation.

The two constituents of the kit are the two 36 inch and two 48 inch high quality, water
defiant tubes along with the two 15 inch tubes for the inside giving the entire high
quality, flexibility, style and fashion to the car. The cabling of the tubes, with the one unit
controlling makes it the distinguished and different from the others, making the colors
and shades of the wireless 7 color LED under Body Kit 6 pc to be at the best organization
and beauty for your car.

With the accessories like the extending tube options and the control box, adds the touch
and style to your car and give you the variety of options for the colors to choose from.
The control box, while remembering different functions about the car you are driving
makes it quite easy for you to drive without worry. The remote control having variety of
functions makes it the good option for you to control your kit just a click away. With one
year warranty and free technical support, you will feel quite a pride in installing wireless
7 colors LED under Body kit 6 Pc.

Easy to use and making yourself stylish with your lifetime BMW, you will have the very
good experience in installing this component with the lifelong appreciation from many
and you will be happy that you choose this.

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