The First Three Quarters: The Proportion Of Nearly Eight Percent Flat Crt Straight Down

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Video Industry Association of Consulting

In the third quarter, as the global economy rebounds, upper panels of glass and gradually expanded the business volume, especially in the flat across the Taiwan Strait under the coordination of working groups, panels in Taiwan on the mainland enterprises to increase machine manufacturers supply panels and modules. Ended in September 2009, Taiwan’s flat panel LCD supply to mainland enterprises has been more than 10 million module, making machine companies can easily deal with rapid amplification of the panel orders the second half of the demand, the market in sufficient quantities to ensure product supply.

Into 2009, China


Industry in bringing home appliances, trade-in policies to promote and upstream resources, support, continue to work flat-panel technology, digital, high definition, network and so the direction of speeding up, until the third quarter, flat products


TV size has reached eighty percent of the share of the total size, including sales of LCD products as the main market, and continued rapid growth.

TV rebound in export situation is stable

TV production steady recovery, rapid restructuring. National Bureau of Statistics data show that from January to September 2009, China’s color TV industry accumulated production of 71.68 million units, up 3.3%. China Video Industry Association (Video Association), statistical analysis, 2009 first three quarters, China’s color TV industry


Production was 49.32 million units, an increase of 66.9%; plasma TV output 1.8 million units, down 26.6%;


(CRT) TV output 20.56 million units, down 41.1%; flat panel TV’s output reached a 71.3% share.

The export side, color TV exports increased quarter by quarter, the overall getting better. According to customs statistics, the first three quarters of this year, China exported 36.52 million color TV sets, basically unchanged from last year (three quarters of 2008, total exports of 36.54 million units); color TV exports 7.232 billion yuan, down 7.8 %. First three quarters of 2009 showed changes in color TV exports of the two main characteristics: First, the steady increase in exports, the export situation started to improve; second is to increase the proportion of flat panel TVs to reach 74%.

Domestic market, TV situation is quite good, rapid spread of flat-panel TV. According to Ovid (AVC), monitored, third quarter 2009, total retail sales of domestic color TV market was 9.26 million units, of which the commercial market with a 50 million; achieved sales of 35 billion yuan over the same period in 2008 (290 million) increase 20.7%. First three quarters of 2009, total retail sales of domestic color TV market reached 25.5 million units, of which LCD TV retail volume of 15.48 million units for the market demand is very strong.

In addition, the local key enterprises benefit the domestic market rebound, the cross-strait cooperation in the strengthening domestic brand market position, on the implementation of policies to promote domestic demand has played an important role. In 2009, the overall global LCD TV panel supply tight, local brand enterprises in China and Taiwan increased

LCD panel

Strategic business efforts across the Taiwan Strait in the LCD industry chain has high complementarity of the two sides are increasing the intensity of strategic resources, tilt, and cooperation on the one hand to promote the stability of the global LCD industry, and the rebound of the more important To consolidate and expand the local brand offers products to protect the internal market, effectively resisted


Crisis, to ensure a “home appliances to the countryside, TM” and other domestic policies to promote the implementation of key enterprises in general in the third quarter and made the National Day Golden Week better market performance, companies continue to expand production scale and flat-panel TV increase the proportion of high-end products, corporate economic recovery has been evident.

Flat-panel TV industry chain are maturing

2009, China’s color TV industry, with full access to the digital, flat, green

Environmental protection

Energy conservation, product development and content integration as the main content of the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, a new phase, the establishment of a complete flat panel display industry chain and interoperability of digital TV industry application environment into sustainable development.

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