7 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Get Your Ex Back – These Tricks Are Damn Effective

By | April 16, 2018

Trying to get your ex back into your life? While it may seem impossible to pick your relationship up where you left it off, it can actually be quite easy if you know the seven surprisingly effective ways to get your ex back.

With these tricks under your thumb you can have your ex back in your life in no time at all and your heartache will truly be a thing of the past.

Leave them alone

It may be hard to give your ex some time away from you, because you miss them but it is necessary. 
Your ex has to live life without because until they miss you they will not realize they want to reconcile, so give them some time to see what life without you is like!

Talk to their family

You cannot nag your ex any time you want, but their family can. If the family wants you back in their life then they will champion your cause. Keep in mind a little bribery and flattery can go a long way!

Address what went wrong

In order for your ex to take another look at you first you have to fix the problem that caused the breakdown. Take your time off from your ex to figure out what went wrong so you can fix it before happens again.

Flaunt what went well

Next, you want your ex to see what was so great about you in the first place. So think about what first drew them to you and make sure that this attribute is present in every day of your life. If it worked once it can work again with enough work and a few slight tweaks.

Avoid negative comments

Everyone likes to trash their ex after they break up, but you want your ex back so ignore this temptation. It can be easy to say something you do not really mean that can ruin your ex’s post-breakup opinion of you so avoid this problem by keeping any mention of your ex light.

Stay light hearted

Along these lines you may want to stay nonchalant when the mention of your ex does come up. 
They expect to hear that you are off the edge, but if you seem over them it will get them curious. Plus, it will hurt their feelings that they did not have the influence they thought they did on your life and mood.

Expose your flirtatious side

Finally when all else fails a little flirting always helps, just not with your ex! For some reason jealousy always works even if when your ex is the one who dumped you. Show them someone else wants you and it will remind them that they may not fully be ready to give you up the way they said.

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