Begging Will Never Get Your Ex Back

By | April 16, 2018

1. Begging makes you look absolutely desperate.

Begging is usually the absolutely final thing you can think of when you are trying to save your relationship. You have tried to meet, tried talking, tried phoning, tried texting, tried talking to their friends, but whatever you do, nothing seems to be working.


So, in your greatest hour of need, in your final last ditch attempt to resolve things, guess how your actions will be interpreted. Yes, as those of a desperate person. That sense of desperation can’t be hidden and once your ex senses it, they will be more determined to continue with the separation.


1. You always need to keep at the back of your mind exactly how you appear to others. You must always strive to remain a very desirable person as a partner. If you have any thoughts at all of grovelling for forgiveness, of getting on your knees and begging to be taken back – forget it! You will never, ever win your ex back that way because:


2. You will become less valuable.

One of the most common reactions after an unexpected breakup is to completely throw yourself at your ex. This can be either physically, emotionally or both. Your thinking generally is that if you can have just one last fling or intimate encounter, that you will suddenly be able to make things right between you and then you will save the relationship.


Matters will normally never work out that way and virtually every time it will have completely the opposite effect to what you wanted. There’s no doubt that your ex will value your intimacy and affection, but by literally throwing it at them you will have lost any remaining advantage that you had.


In fact, the opposite works better. By holding back your intimacy, you will actually keep their interest for longer, because you have something that they want and crave for.


3. Begging is a form of arguing.

Because of the way that the mind works, this is definitely the hardest thing for most people to understand. You are simply begging for another chance at the relationship, you are telling them that you will do anything that they want, that you will change in any way that they want – so how on earth can that be an argument?


This goes back to the way the mind works. Whilst you are not actually confronting your them, by trying to slavage things you are actually preventing your partner from doing what they want to do, so subconsciously they will see it as an argument.


They want to break up but by your actions you are actually saying that you are not letting them go. Because they see it as argumentative, they will become very defensive, which will make any form of communication from then, much more difficult.


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