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By | April 16, 2018

Reality television has emerged as a hugely popular genre of television shows. Over the past decade or so more and more reality shows have been created, tapping into practically every area of life possible. Now there are shows that follow strangers as they are forced to live together, competitions pitting everyone from clothing designers to chefs against one another, and reality shows that examine the lives of unique people. Whatever a person’s interest is, there is definitely at least one reality television show that will captivate their attention. Satellite tv brings viewers all of the reality shows they could ever want and more.

Few reality shows actually fall under the category of “documentaries” or even good television, but their popularity is undeniable. Though television today is flooded with reality shows, some are markedly more popular than others. Among the top five reality television shows, the most popular show is “Big Brother”. This show is a hit in over seventy countries around the world, demonstrating that people like watching their fellow man on hidden cameras. The premise of the show is to lock a group of strangers in a house together, cutting them off from the rest of the world for a few months, competing with one another to remain in the house and win the big cash prize. They are filmed all day everyday so viewers can catch all the action in HD.

The second most popular reality show is “So You Think You Can Dance?”. This show is essentially the dancing version of “American Idol”. People from all over the country audition showing off their dancing skills in an effort to make it to the next round and hopefully win the ultimate prize of $ 250,000 and a little bit of fame. The third show on the list is “MythBusters”. This is a rather educational show on the Discovery Channel combines the world of science with that of urban legends and superstitions. Viewers get to watch the team of scientists blow things up in high definition in an effort to prove or disprove certain commonly held beliefs. The witty commentary and banter amongst the group make the show all the more entertaining.

The fourth most popular show is “America’s Next Top Model”. People love watching these girls from all over the country make the transformation time and again from rather normal girl, to high fashion model. Catching a glimpse of the behind the scenes workings of photo shoots and runway shows makes the show all the more intriguing. The fifth, and final most popular reality television show is “The Hills”. The show follows a group of young adults living in the Hollywood Hills, catching all of the drama between friends and enemies alike in this pseudo-reality show. Satellite tv brings viewers all of the reality television action and drama that their hearts desire.

Reality television looks like it is here to stay so people should check out a few shows and find out if there is anything that tickles their fancy. Having a good satellite tv provider like Direct TV is a great way for people to make sure they get all of their favorite shows. The reliable service and great quality of DirecTV means that users can simply sit back and relax without having to worry about anything other than enjoying their shows.

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