Medical Students Use Portable Pulse Oximeter Technology For Training

By | April 16, 2018

Medical school can be an extremely challenging yet rewarding experience that produces truly one of the most respected professions in our society. Physicians are truly the carriers of our health and are the ones we turn to in case of health or medical needs. While in medical school, university students always desired to have a medical device that was capable of measuring the pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation of individual patients while the students were in training. Well, one of the few devices that actually can be used to measure these two very important vital signs is a pulse oximeter. The typical pulse oximeter device is utilized to measure pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation of an individual patient. Depending on the specific health condition that you possess the ability to monitor these vital signs can be the difference between good health and bad health. What the medical students were always used to was the previous generation of pulse oximeter devices that were typically found in hospitals. These devices did in fact measure the pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation of individuals, however they were not mobile at all. The device was quite large and bulky and typically had to remain plugged into an electrical power source because it was not made to be portable. So, unless every room or anywhere the patient was had a pulse oximeter device there really was no other accurate device that was able to measure pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. Further, the device that was previously found in the hospital and clinical settings was very expensive. It was mostly intended for the hospital settings where they have large budgets in order to cover the cost of health care and medical devices.

But the medical device has been rapidly changed by technology and the new introduction of a portable pulse oximeter. New chip technology has truly changed the landscape of the oximeter device market. The new chips have decreased the size of the pulse oximeter device from what was traditionally a size of a small microwave to a device that is only a fraction of the size of a cell phone. In addition, with the use of portable batteries the device has now become completely portable and can be taken wherever the individual desires to. Further, the new technology has also significantly brought down the cost and price of the product to a level where it is extremely affordable even by student standards. However, although the size as well as the price has dramatically decreased, the accuracy and effectiveness of the device has not. The device still remains very accurate and useful in measuring pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. The university student can simply take the device wherever they need to go and as they are in training and treating patients they can simply take out the device and measure the health and vital signs of individual patients. The price is also something that has attracted the students because now they can truly afford the device without having to incur a big financial blow.

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