To Reduce Violence Against Display For Lcd Screen

By | April 16, 2018

to reduce violence against display

We feel that the LCD monitor LCD really fun? Why do I see so many users often pointing his hand toward the display, but also force the stamp display, it also deliberately deformed it? In fact, the LCD screen display is very fragile, in the intense process of moving or vibration is likely to damage the quality of the display; same time, if this violence will destroy the internal liquid crystal LP154WX4 lcd LP141WX1 lcd HP Pavilion DV6000 LCD Screen display, making the display greatly reduced . So, do something violent against it is extremely unwise behavior.

6, the use of intermittent attention to remain dormant period

And CRT monitors, as long hours of work, especially for a long time to display a fixed screen, are likely to burn out or aging of the internal liquid crystal display, and such damage is irreparable. Therefore, the use of space, energy management programs can be opened so that the display automatically sleep; or set the screen saver. This can extend its life.

7, the problems do not easily self-advocate

After the general problem, DIYer to do a family like the idea since, apart parts to tinker with. However, I suggested that this is not for general LCD display products, do not be so easy to handle, better get a computer company or a professional repair service station. Otherwise, your losses will be greater. For example, in the liquid crystal display, the only parts will gradually LTN141W1-L05 lcd LP154W01 lcd LQ133K1LA4A lcdconsume the background of the monitor lights, in the long-term use, you may find that the screen not as bright, or simply dark; In fact, this is not What is a serious problem, as long as another new background lighting can restitution. If you open the handle, may damage the other components to more harm than good.

8, attention to safety and maintenance

Although power consumption is relatively small LCD (one 15.1-inch of LCD power consumption is only a third of 17-inch CRT monitor so), but the LCD display after the voltage inverter is very high. In the maintenance process, with particular attention to safety, do not live under the back cover to open the display, even in power, the retention of the transient voltage is pricey, so in maintenance, careful not to fumble or tamper with in order to avoid unnecessary HP Pavilion DV6000 LCD Screen DELL Inspiron 6000 lcd Screen Dell Inspiron E1505 Lcd Screen trouble.

9 deal with the aftermath, after shutdown

Although LCD prices are now more powerful, but still need to 3000-4000 yuan to save one, so do not use the CTR monitor Datailielie problems but also in liquid crystal displays, especially to make it cooling off after a while, and then use soft cloth covered up, both to dust, but also to reflect your love. Of course, for laptop users, but also to cover the display at any time, you can not make it long exposure to sunlight and dust in the air.Laptop BatteryACER Laptop Battery | Dell Laptop Battery | HP Laptop Battery

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