Weight Loss Prepackaged Food – Meal Packs for Weight Watchers

By | April 16, 2018

Weight Loss Prepackaged Food

Essentially, you gain weight by taking in more calories than you can burn in a day. The average person would burn about 1,800 calories in a day without having to do strenuous activities. If you add about 3,500 calories to your normally necessary caloric intake, you gain an extra pound. This is where diet would come in. Weight Loss Prepackaged Food

Most of us are striving to get back in shape by going through strict diet plans. Companies have capitalized on the public’s need by introducing prepackaged food for weight loss. These diet packs are touted to help consumers discipline themselves into following strict dietary programs that will help them lose those unwanted calories.

We all know how difficult it is to follow a diet regimen on our own. Prepackaged weight loss food makes it easy to stay within the limits of what we can and cannot eat. There are a lot of prepackaged food for weight loss that have come up in the market today. Each one of these products promises excellent results. These plans are designed especially for people who simply do not have the time to plan their own meals to maintain just normal calorie-intake.

Banting: The low-carb pack

In essence, the Banting diet includes a low-carbohydrate program which prohibits only six types of food: bread, milk, butter, beer, sugar and potatoes. The prepackaged weight loss food program doesn’t restrict the intake of carbohydrates. Rather, it aims to lessen it and replacing it with protein-rich food (meat and poultry), combined with vegetables, unsweetened fruit and several glasses of dry wine. By eating in moderation four times within the day, the program is touted to make you lose about one pound a week.

Atkins: The modern low-carb pack

The next prepackaged weight loss food program also consists of a low-carbohydrate diet. For Atkins, instead of a restricted plan which prohibits the intake of carbohydrates, he suggests a controlled-carbohydrate diet. With deprivation, the body tends to digest fats and high-carb foods faster than normal thus inducing a craving for sugar. The Atkins prepackaged weight loss diet will allow you to take in carbohydrates that will not increase your blood sugar levels. If you decide to go for this kind of plan, you’ll have to say no to sweets, though. Instead, you’ll need to fill up on protein-rich foods. Once you get to the weight maintenance stage (after getting to your ideal body weight) then you can go ahead and enjoy an occasional carbohydrate-rich meal. Weight Loss Prepackaged Food

South Beach: A balance of the good and the bad

Unlike low-carb diets, the South Beach focuses on a healthy balance between good carbohydrates and fats. Under this prepackaged weight loss food plan, you can say goodbye to baked products, sodas and other processed foods. The meal pack is divided into phases. Phase I, which lasts two weeks, attempts to eliminate insulin resistance so you’re going to need to cut off on all fruit, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, sugar, alcohol and baked goods. You can only eat lean meat, skinless poultry, seafood, low-fat cheese, eggs, tofu and vegetables. Feel free to eat sweets but you need to limit that to about 75 calories a day. Once you’re done with the first phase, you slowly reintroduce some of the foods that were banished in Phase I. Slowly, you bring back more of the banished foods as you go along but you need to be careful about what you eat because you may end up going back to your old eating habits.

The Beverly Hills Diet: All-fruit plan

This prepackaged weight loss food plan consists mainly of fruits. If you intend to go for this pack, you are not supposed to eat protein with carbohydrates. It consists of a no-brainer thirty-five-day meal plan with specific items to be taken at every meal. For the first 10 days, all you can eat is fruit. After that, you can add in carbs and butter and then eventually, protein comes into the mix. The prepackaged weight loss food plan is known to promise weight loss of up to fifteen pounds in about five weeks.

These are just a few of the prepackaged weight loss food plans available in the market today. Which plan is more effective is really up to your preferences. At the end of the day, the key to the effectiveness of these meal packs is discipline. Weight Loss Prepackaged Food

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