Abdominal Firming Exercises

By | April 17, 2018

Are you sick of your belly always getting in the way? Are you sick of your clothes fitting just a little too tightly? A lot of people does. There are tons of wonder products in stores and methods but not all of them can give you good results. These products will sometimes lead to disappointments. Great abs don’t come easy.

In getting tight abs, most people would advise to eat the right food and do the right exercise. You’ll get a lot of information everywhere on the foods to eat and not to eat to lose weight. Sometimes with a lot of information, choosing the right food can be confusing. Research would help a lot. A lot of diet plans would usually give you positive results.

Eating the right food is very important in losing weight. Most people would say, ” a fit body is made in the kitchen and not at the gym”. But then to speed up your weight loss you need to do some exercises. Not all people has time to go to the gym. Here are easy routines that you can do on your bed when you wake up every morning.

Lie down on your bed and take your body up in a stretched position facing the right side. Be sure to place your elbow right under your shoulder. Lift your muscles underneath and pull it right up off the bed. Lower down gently and try to repeat this 12 times. The struggle is in raising upward. Put your other hand on your abs. Do the same on the other side. Stack one foot over the other. Take your elbow under your shoulder and the other hand on your abs and do the same thing. Breathe out slowly so that the muscles will tighten up the spine.

For the next exercise, bring your knees up to your chest. To get a nice stretch, put a pillow under your head. Bring one leg forward and raise your head off the bed and bring your hands behind your neck. Then begin by moving just your legs just like you’re riding a bicycle pulling your abdominals down.

You don’t need to pay for membership fees or check out the gym. You can flatten your abs in just five minutes a day in the privacy of your own home.

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