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By | April 17, 2018

In Competition The increasingly intense flat-panel TV market in China, most international

Brand Unsatisfactory performance. In TCL , Skyworth , Konka , Hisense , Changhong Strong domestic brands such as the price of offenses, Akai strong flat-panel TV market, participating in the fierce market competition. Cadence’s universal in home appliances such as electrical center

Marketplace That more than 10 models of Akai flat-panel TVs, in particular the appearance of that section of wood for the rose red piano surface box is eye-catching flat-panel TVs, causing concern of many consumers.

High-cost market share Universal electrical center, according to Cadence Rong description, Akai and universally beneficial cooperation with China over the past year, both sides have made significant

Sell Performance. Akai flat panel TV in the store’s sales volume accounted for the store’s flat panel TV sales of 30% to 40%, with annual sales of more than 10 million yuan. Akai flat panel TV’s biggest feature is the “professional” and “fashion”, the brand’s products from the price, style and so on, with slightly different compared to other brands. According to November’s statistics, Akai flat panel TV in the store’s sales, up more than 300% over the same period last year.

According to Akai Multimedia (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager He Kaiheng description, Akai flat panel TV sales promotion in the domestic market is accelerating, has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities set up 12 branches and implementation of the flattening of the pathway system throughout the country by branches of the direct supply of large home appliances store sales. At present, Akai flat panel TV has entered the country more than 400

Home appliance chain Network, the basic structure complete sales platform. Akai flat panel TV product line complete, extensive product line to meet the different needs of consumers.

The same time, Akai in the international market has also made outstanding achievements. He Kaiheng said that in the United States to Akai brand flat-panel TV into the U.S. flat-panel TV sales of the top three. Akai (China) located in the “global professional flat-panel TV brand”, that is world-class professional quality and price in China coupled with global scale advantages for the Chinese market cost-effective flat-panel TV.

Accumulate strong brand According to He Kaiheng description, Akai from Japan, was established in 1929, the Japanese electronics industry, one of six major brands. As early as 1989, successfully developed and produced the first generation of ultra-thin

Plasma TV , In the flat panel display technology has been leading. Cut into the domestic market as Akai time later, China’s flat panel TV market, is a new army.

2003, the Akai’s global production base moved to Zhongshan from Thailand, the current production base in Zhongshan City, has built 10 flat-panel TV production lines, annual output of more than one million units, the largest flat-panel TV production base . Recent volume of ATSC digital HD flat panel TV is the first true digital high definition television, and became the first domestic exports to the U.S. digital HDTV standard for the brand manufacturer. Meanwhile, Akai machine works projects and increased

Group buy Market development efforts, cities famous domestic hotels, airports,

Exhibition Centers and other places such as the Palace Museum in Beijing, “China’s tallest building,” said Jin Mao Tower Grand Hyatt Shanghai and Hainan, Sanya Phoenix International Airport are Akai flat panel products.

Akai flat panel TV market in China is still developing stage, still need to intensify. Flat face of the competitive market in China, recently, Akai

Investment Grande Holdings inviting side of Hong Kong China

TV The industry’s high-profile former general manager of Konka Group, Multimedia Business Unit, Mr. Kuang Yubin to join, the Renya Jia Electronics China President.

To join with the Kuang Yubin, Akai Electronics have drawn more great concern. Under his auspices, Akai will be vigorously pursued

Localization Strategies to close the Chinese market, product, price and sales promotion strategy, depth and expand the domestic flat-panel market. As one of the leading color TV industry, Kuang Yubin led Konka TV in 2003, winning two consecutive years, 2004 market share of China’s first award, for the national brands occupy the mainstream of China’s color TV market share has laid a solid foundation Meanwhile, Kuang Yubin in China’s color TV industry in transition definition proposed strategy for China’s color TV industry to go the roundabout.

However, the TV industry experience in rapid growth markets, fierce price competition, brand manufacturers must maintain a high speed input output, to avoid operational risks are increasing. Kuang Yubin Can Konka’s success be transferred rapidly to Akai, Kuang Yubin personal brand value can be an effective driving force Akai brand? We will see.

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