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By | April 17, 2018

With more and more of the modern world becoming dependent on the reliability of electronic components functioning correctly, there is an ever increasing need for a dependable supply of batteries. From cameras, camcorder, laptops, mobile phones, pda, and a wide range of portable devices, many businesses and government sectors have become reliant upon a consistent supply of batteries. The cost of batteries adds up quickly. Aussie Battery is the AU’s online source for discount toshiba pa3534u-1bas battery. They not only have a dependable service, presently dispatching up to 10,000 batteries daily, but they also have extremely low prices. This is only a few of the reasons why people and businesses are turning to Aussie Battery .

Aussie Battery was established to service the need for a less expensive alternative to the battery distributors that were servicing the mobile electronic equipment. They succeeded. Aussie Battery was able to grow through their reliable service, customer satisfaction and low prices. As word spread, Aussie Battery’s customer base grew in the commercial sector by supplying Professional Laptop Battery, Camcorder Battery, Camera Battery, Power Tools battery, External Laptop Battery etc. Their online presence is making it easier for others to take advantage of their valuable service.

With a convenient website that allows for order tracking, Aussie Battery is well positioned to service both bulk, wholesale and retail quantities. For example they sell the highly popular Laptop Batteries in boxes of ten at discount prices. Aussie Battery maintains a full inventory of  Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery, which allows them to dispatch orders placed by 2pm on the same day and orders placed after 2pm the following morning. They offer standard, priority and next day delivery. In addition, there is 1-3 business days shipping to customers . There is no minimum order, which makes it convenient for the commercial, government as well as the private consumer to have a reliable discount battery resource.

There is a wide selection of  Lithium-ion, Nickel-cadmium, Nickel metal hydride Batteries. If they do not offer a particular Toshiba A200 Battery, then a helpful customer service representative is happy to look into it on the customer’s behalf. Their easy to navigate website makes ordering and tracking easy and convenient.

More and more AU businesses are turning to Aussie Battery for their Dell D820 Battery supply. Aussie Battery is a growing business and continues to create customer value through their ability to supply quality batteries in a timely fashion for less. For quality customer service, a wide product selection, rapid turn-around and convenient ordering and tracking process; trust Aussie Battery.

Aussie Battery was established in May 2003 in an effort to relieve the laptop and power tools’s high cost of batteries. They were successful and the news spread quickly. Aussie Battery currently dispatches up to 10,000 batteries a day. They carry a large line of Lithium-ion batteries at discount prices. Aussie Battery is based in the AU and is a leading supplier of Laptop Batteries.

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Product Description
ISUNPOW Outdoor Backup Generator-Emergency Power Pack combines functionality and versatility.It is portable and powerful enough to run small appliances while camping or during an emergency.

♥To calculate how long would it power your device, you need to know the watt/voltage/current of your device.
e.g. If your laptop is 45 watt. So the running time=155wh/45w=2.7-3hrs;(consider power loss)
If your iPad is 12v, 5a input, the running time=155wh/12v/5a=2 -2.5hrs 
 For CPAP machine, if you plug into AC outlet, the running time is about 3-4 hours, but if use DC-DC power converter, the running time would be much longer. So we suggest to use DC-DC converter when camping.
For 50 watt standing fan, probably 3-4 hours working time.

Basic information
Capacity: 155Wh/42000mAh,3.7V
Fully Recharged Time: 7-8 hours recharged by DC 15V/2A wall adapter(Also could charged by car adapter (8-9 Hours)and solar panel<13V-24V 2.1A max,50watt>,and the solar panel is not included with the generator, you need to buy separately!)
Built-in Battery: High Quality Lithium ion Batteries
Recharging Adapter Input: DC 15V/2A
Charge Mode: CC/CV
3*USB 5V/3.1A max
3* DC Output:9-12.6V/15A 180W Max(Total)
AC Continuous Output: 100W Max
AC Voltage: 110V AC(modified sine wave )
Output Frequency: 60Hz
Power Indicator: Led Indicators
Lifecycle: More than 500 times

1* Portable Power Generator (Solar Panel is Sold Separately)
1* Wall adapter
1* Car adapter
1* Cigarette light adapter
1* User Manual NOTICE:The max power of AC port is 100W,DC port is 180W.The power of all devices should not exceed the maximum limit of AC and DC.

Price: $128.99
  • MULTI-CAPACITY POWER STATION FOR CAMPING: 42000mAh 155Wh Power Station with 3 USB ports (5V,3.1A shared with 3 ports) can charge phones, iPad, GPS, mp3, camera, RC helicopter etc when traveling;3 DC (Direct Current) ports can help for car cleaning and car tire changing etc. Powerful flashlight provide you about 125 hours lighting on your camping night.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BATTERY PACK,GREAT EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY:Super power bank,it not only can charge DC devices(180W max),but also AC (Alternating Current) appliances(100W max) like laptops,fan, lights,mini refrigerator,CPAP machine (Use DC-DC converter from your CPAP would get longer hours),great power backup for emergency like home power outages, hurricanes and so on.
  • SMALL OUTDOOR GENERATOR: It is compact and light weight, easy to put it in backpack, RV and camper. Besides, it is easily be recharged by solar panel(13V-24V/50W) or by wall outlet(7-8 hours fully charged, power adapter included)or by car 12V adapter(car charger included).Friendly Notice:The solar panel is not included, you need to buy separately!
  • SAFETY GUARANTEE: Ultra Safety Technology provide you with complete protection.Intelligent circuit design protects against short circuiting,over-heating, over-currents, and over-charging, keep you and the battery safe.
  • We provides you with excellent After-sale service,30 days Money-back satisfaction guarantee without any reason,12 months warranty for quality-related issues and friendly communication.

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