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By | April 17, 2018

You already have equipments ready for a great photo shoot and you know what to do with the necessary stuff and what subjects to capture in your camera. But are these good enough for you or you want to learn more than just the regular basic digital photography?

With those fast upgrading digital camera units, vast customer demands and of course the amazing evolution of technology, we sometimes don’t know what to use, where to start and where to begin. But there are so much ways to learn digital photography, they can either be paid or for acquired for free. You just have to have the passion and drive to learn. It’s only a matter of modifications and commonsensical wit to capture subjects like a professional and so then you can learn digital printing as well.

First off, you must know how to handle and use your camera. A camera has its own strong and weak points in which you must know how to make the most of its use. Stop going around shooting pictures and fill up your card memory and then you realized that there are a couple of pictures better than others. Learn to read the instruction manual of your camera before shooting pictures, how slow and fast the shutter can work, setting exposure, how close you will focus on and how automatic focusing works. After familiarizing your camera, shoot pictures after trying adjustments on focusing, exposure and flash. Check out what pleases your taste for an actual setting.

You should be familiar with lighting when shooting fantastic photos. Shooting outdoor scenes is best taken either the beginning of the day or the end of the day where in the dominant color is yellow. To avoid flat pictures, use polarizing filter. Pictures taken in the middle of the day look dull but the contrast is strong. If people are your subject, place white cardboards over their face to avoid sharp shadows. Cardboards serve as reflectors.

Although many of us makes our subjects at the center of the photo, we can also be artistic enough to experiment different adjustments and angles for a more interesting and fantastic photo. Creativity is talent, it won’t matter even if you’re lying on the grass or you’re up on a tree to shoot on different angles.

Photos taken very far tend to make subjects look like ghosts while photos taken up close looks lightened. To avoid these, you can check the minimum flash distance of your camera. Red eye effect is also one of the most common errors in capturing images when the lens and flash are close together. You can also avoid this by increasing light in the place or using a device like pre-flash or series of flashes.

Now that you have learned a few pointers on digital photography, you can upload your pictures and check how good your shots are. Reputable online digital printing companies abound especially on the net so you can have your best shots printed or turned into a masterpiece in no time.


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