Clown Face Painting

By | April 17, 2018

In this article we are going to introduce altogether complete ways to paint a clown face. You should use the clean canvas; wear the wet wipes which are supporting in such painting. Next take a medium flat brush, a medium round brush, an applicator sponge, water based face paint colors red, black and white and fresh water and some more water in a pot to rinse the brushes. By doing this you are ready for painting a clown face.

Apply the white color first of all as base. To wet the white cake you should use a sprayer. For this purpose you can also use a damp sponge covering the full face, stop at the jaw point and hair line. Then cover the area under the eyes, color under the eyelash. Now the smile and nose of the clown be considered. With the flat brush and red color, paint smile and nose. Lower lip be painted completely and then area below the lip line. Only tip of the nose is required to be painted for nose painting. With the help of edge of flat brush shortly increase the both sides of the mouth curling the line slightly upwards on both sides. Shape the upper lip as M.

Now at the end of smile line make a circle which will finish the smile. You should do this with the help of handle of the brush to measure the line from the eye centre down to the smile. On this point a circle is made to complete the mouth of the clown. A soft glow on the face of clown is much suitable. To get it you should use the sponge for rubbing the red color from the cheeks and with this get the required result. At last you are required to work for the eyes of the clown face. For this purpose you should use the round fine tip brush. In this way make the arc over the eyes of your subject. Internal parts of the eyes should be lined upwards and over the eyes brow. It should be ended at the outer parts of the eyes.

As per the principle of the painting initially you should trace the clown with a dim and rub able color. Thus by removing the mistakes and tracing again and again the picture, you would be able to make a perfect clown. When it is perfect in all respects, paint it finally with the required colors.

Five ways to make the clown painting have been mentioned above. All are so easy to remember because these are in a sequence. It is right if you note all the five steps in your diary to remember. But immediately you should keep all the steps in mind so that at a time when you want to make a fun with children, you would be able to make the clown painting perfectly. To remember all the stages, you can consider the tools to be used for the purpose. The tools would help you to remember all the steps.

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